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Video Games, Controllers, and Going Beyond Natal

Ladies and gentlemen, you will love what we have for you today. You've seen motion control with Nintendo's Wii. You saw it taken to the next level by Playstation's "Move". You've seen controller-free gaming with Microsoft's "Project ...


Being Hella Good at Games

I am not that guy. I am not even close. Since I don't sit around and play games all day, I don't really have the chance to get exceedingly good at anything. I'm not bad, really, since I've been gaming for most of my life and can get used ...


I'd like to introduce the man. The munnyman. 5.

I made up munnyman5 when I was in grade 5 or something. Why would I change it? I'll never remember anything else. Contrary to what has probably now become popular belief, that is not my gamertag/username because I have lots of money. It is...



Testing, 1, 2, testing, 1, 2? Can you hear me? Just seeing if I can see anything on this crazy machine. Having no posts was not helping, so here this is. Sorry. It'll get better, promise. Maybe it won't be good, but it WILL get better.


About munnyman5one of us since 7:36 PM on 09.29.2009

I'm munnyman5. A Canadian university student.

I like video games, I like writing, so c-bloggin' at Destructoid seems like the recreational thing to do. I'm in sciences, so writing is almost NEVER on the menu. Even if writing were on the menu, it would likely not be about video games, so it would suck. This is better.

If I've written anything so far, I hope you enjoyed it. If you are reading this before I've had a chance to write, hang in there.