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PSN Outage (A different approach)

Good morning everyone! I am sure everyone by now has dealt with the PSN outage (or knows about it.) Let me start by resting your mind and saying, this is NOT a rant. This is more a way of looking at the events of what has happened to PSN. O...


A Letter To Game Developers

Dear Game Developers, While I appreciate all the wonderful games you have given me in the past (Assassins Creed, Borderlands, Call of Duty, Rock Band, ect), I am finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the game market. I believe ...


Samsung UN55C8000

Welcome everyone! So this time Im taking a break from talking about gaming, to cover another device that I will be getting next week. The Samsung 55" 3D LED Tv. Granted I do not care for 3D, I am excited to try this tv out on gaming! Does a...


Splinter Cell: Conviction

Well, I have to eat my words. After playing the demo, I was mortified at what had become of my beloved SC series. The buttons were all wrong! The ability to jump anytime is gone! oh woe is my broken, weeping heart for yet another series has...


*Sigh....* Dear Playstation....

For the last little while you have been claiming your console does everything, sadly... The list of things I can do with my Playstation is becoming smaller and smaller. Sure I can game, and yes Blu-Ray is awesome! I do love Infamous, God of...


God Of War III Review

I realize many of you have played GOW3, but I wonder how many had teh same issues as I did. Let me first start off by saying it is a wonderfully fun, addicting game. The massive carnage of taking out every creature in my path made me giggl...


PS3 Fixed.... Kinda

Good news guys! I am able to log into my PS3 account now! Now the downside.... My Heavy Rain trophies are not on there... anywhere... I had "sycned" my trophies just a the day before (Sat evening) before the crash, so I am hoping wehn I po...


Sony's Outage (Not a rant)

Well let me first start out by again saying, this is not a rant on Sony. I love my PS3 as much as my Xbox 360, and I believe this is just a learning exp that they must go through. We have had these issues with the Xbox network as well. That...


Heavy Rain/Ubisoft's DRM

So I have played the Demo, and all I can say is that I want more! I have loved what Quantic Dreams does within their games. Omikron was an amazing game that to this game I replay. Same with Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit to those not from the ...


About munkeexone of us since 10:46 AM on 04.14.2008

Well, to start off with, I go by Munkee, friends gave me this nickname because of my love of climbing random things, from trees to a jungle gym, it hasnt mattered what it is. I also live in your closet, dont be scared, I' am not some creepy monster like the Boogeyman, haha, but I do own a house in Utah and California as well.
Second off, I love gaming (as you can see I have all 3 consoles), along with hanging out with friends, watching (and playing) sports, photography, writing, traveling, music, and going to haunted places.
I can usually be found out late at night doing something insanely fun, yet stupid. Overall I try to have fun with anything I do.
Please note as well, I am sarcastic as no other. That being said, This is the end of my writings, if you want to know more, add me on any of my systems or write me on here :) Im up for playing with anyone (Not like that you perverts!)
Talk to you all soon!

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