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That Yacht Club stream on the 28th better start with them announcing that King of Cards is being released that day.


Apparently I've done everything I can do in the Subnautica Below Zero early access, and now I'm stuck waiting for an update.


Dude, what if are video games are sapient, but not in a Wreck-It Ralph way but a Toy Story way?


I wish Sega would make a Chao Garden game.


I don't get Touhou.


Someone should combine the Aquatic Ambiance music and the Dire Dire Docks music to make the ultimate underwater music.


One of these days I should find out what the Stadia is.


I can't stop watching the new Shantae opening, it's so catchy.


I wonder how the books based on Diablo are.


I wonder why American Truck Simulator doesn't have more product placement in it. It would in the world without looking out-of-place, and it could fund the addition of new states to the game.


I want reassurance that Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 will be good.


Does Dave & Busters really have video games or are they shitty ticket games?


I've been mixing up A Plague Tale and Pathologic.


Darn, I apparently finished all the early access content in Subnautica: Below Zero. Guess I'll just work on my base.


Dying Light has overstayed its welcome on my PS4.


I'm starting to worry that they're not going to re-release Spider-Man with all the DLC.


The soundtrack from Xenosaga episode 1 wasn't as fun as I remember it.


Do the Destructoid articles comment sections seem more hostile lately or am I imagining it?


I love reading Swery65's travelogue posts.


I'm starting to feel like they put too many side quests in Dying Light.


I'm sick of the video game dog companion being a german shepherd. It's always a german shepherd. I want a black lab dog companion in a video game.


Time to find out if Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is as bad as the internet says it is.


I want a new Monkey Island game goddammit.


I think Ninja Gaiden for original Xbox is not given enough credit for making difficult games acceptable and paving the way for Dark Souls.


I listened to the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack again. That game was so grand, it should have been appreciated more than it was. It better get a Switch port.


I worry it's a sign that I'm getting old that I don't feel like playing something complicated on my computer at night like Legend of Heroes or Subnautica, instead I just play simple things like Hidden Folks and Puyo-Puyo Tetris.


I want a game another Legend of the Mystical Ninja 64 game with better graphics, but I don't trust Konami to not fuck it up.


I wonder if I should give Space Channel 5 another chance, I'm in the mood for a rhythm game.


After going through the Pirates of the Carribean level in KHIII I want Squeenix to make a pirate game. It can be Pirates of the Caribbean, it can be original (but it can't be One Piece), especially since I don't trust Ubisoft anymore.


Someone form a band and call it Mode 7.


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