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I hope Outlast 2 doesn't make any DLC because I uninstalled it to free up a ton of space on my computer.


Sad to read that the Deus Ex series is on hiatus, and annoyed at all the crap Mankind Divided gets online, though seeing how Deus Ex fans act towards every Deus Ex game that's not Deus Ex I'm not surprised.


If I ever play Mankind Divided again (or Human Revolution) I'm putting all my Praxis kits into stealth augs. I put all my kits into guns and I ended up just sneaking around everyone. Next time it's all going into invisibility and energy and quiet feet.


I am thinking about replaying Wind Waker, but I wish there was a way I could start on Windfall Island.


I can see why people didn't like the ending to Mankind Divided. Leaving plot threads dangling for a sequel is always arrogant, and it feels pointless in a world we know is doomed. But the rest of the game was solid, it did not deserve the scorn it got.


I should really play The Red Strings Club, but I keep putting it off, even though I really need a PC game to play in the evenings.


Praxis kits are like a made up drug for real people.


I deleted a bunch of Virtual Console games off my Wii U, figuring the Switch would have Virtual Console. But it doesn't, so I guess I have to download them onto my 3DS, even though that's not a comfortable thing to play NES and SNES games on.


The only problem I've seen with Mankind Divided so far is that it's not cool. Prague looks like Prague, it's all bright and sunny, none of the cars fly, Jensen is the only one in a black trench coat. The gameplay is still solid though.


Playing through Mankind Divided, I better not get crap later for murdering every gangster who looks at me funny.


Time to find out why everyone hated Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. As someone who loved Human Revolution I'm a little scared to find out why.


I beat Subnautica, I ran out of things to do. But I hope they add more to it later even though the game is finished, it could use a submarine bay for starters.


I feel like I'm procrastinating on finishing Subnautica by doing mindless busywork on my base and needlessly RPing.


It's been over a week since I played the latest Batman Telltale episode, and I still feel guilty about the choice I made, and I really want episode 5 to come out already and vindicate my choice.


I miss X-Play, I want a game review show on television. Someone tell TBS or Comedy Central to get on that.


Crap I totally forgot about the Subnautica stream.


I want my Xbox One games to stop lying to me about clearly fake accounts beating me on leader boards I don't care about.


Time to find out why everyone hated Just Cause 3. As a fan of Just Cause 2 I am curious to know why.


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was boring! Fighting a few gimmick enemies in RE4 style combat is boring compared to lots of normal enemies, and run down Russian places are only interesting in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And Moira is the female Steve Burnside.


Someone should have told me beforehand Resident Evil Revelations 2 had multiple endings, because I didn't enjoy playing through it once and I'm really not enjoying playing through parts of it a second time.


That last Shovel Knight DLC needs to come out already. It's holding up me putting away my Wii U.


A little while ago I read The Illuminatus Trilogy and it made it impossible for me to take Deus Ex and Assassin's Creed seriously because they all cribbed from Illuminatus which was a parody of giant complicated ancient conspiracies to begin with.


Making my ringtone the codec call noise years ago for a while was a huge mistake. Even now I still flinch at the sound.


Destructoid needs to explain to me what VRChat is and why the internet won't shut up about it.


I want my Xbox One to stop telling me about achievements I have yet to complete. I don't want to do every Forza Horizon 2 achievement, leave me alone.


My Xbox One controller is going through batteries like crazy. I don't remember my 360 controller being this bad.


Advanced Warfare has all these sections where you're not shooting guns at people and they're really boring and feel like padding. Why are there stealth sections, and why do they take so long?


All I remember about Black Ops II was that the villain was too intelligent to be believable, the Cuba mission, the mission at the resort, and something about a plot twist with a sniper rifle.


Next up on catching up on old Xbox One games, I'm playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Every time I play a new Call of Duty game I buy it as cheap as I possibly can, used, go through the single-player campaign, and move on with my life.


Where the Hell is the rest of the Batman Telltale game?


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