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What the fuck happened to Shut up and Jam Gaiden 2?


I should just wait until December when all the PC games go on sale before making any hasty purchases.


GOG has so many games under it's adventure game tab and I wonder if any of them are any good, and good as games, not just good story and characters.


I watched the second season of Castlevania. I liked it, but I didn't love it, because most of it was just dicking around instead of an adventure inside the castle.


Has anyone ever pointed out the similarities between the plots of the original Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest VII, at least the beginnings of them?


I finally finished Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. I thought it was sad, clearly a ton of work had been put into it, the voice-acting alone must have used a small army, but not all that work was wanted, then Warner Bros got greedy and poisoned the well.


I'm sure the GOG "Made in Poland" sale has a bunch of games that I would like if I played them, but I don't know which ones are the good ones.


I would like to make it to the new Smash with at least one thing not spoiled for me.


The most video game related costume I saw this year was some kid dressed up like Cuphead.


I never hear talk about Forza Horizon 4 in any capacity, which makes me worry about its quality.


Another GOG sale, and they still won't put the games I actually want on sale.


I want a Miraculous Ladybug game made by Platinum. Have Hawk Moth create an akuma which makes everyone want to fight.


I see the problem with Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the level requirements for completing the main missions are too high and there's no enjoyable side missions to gain experience from, just killing captains who get replaced anyway, accomplishing nothing.


I don't have a way to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles on a console. That's not right, how did I let that happen?


What happened to the Monkey Island license? That's what I finally realized in the Telltale debacle.


I finished Super Mario 64 again. This time I played the levels I liked the least first to get them out of the way for the 70 stars, then payed the ones I liked to get all the stars.


Waiting on WarioWare Gold to go down to a reasonable price.


I'm playing Super Mario 64 for the millionth time, and Tick Tock Clock always sucked, but I don't remember it sucking this much. I can't tell if it's just because I'm having a bad day, or it's because I'm playing a shitty version (the Wii U version).


I hear nothing but praise for Detroit: Become Human, but I remember when Heavy Rain got nothing but praise and eventually everyone turned on that one.


I want to play Breath of the Wild again, but I don't want to go through the same map and the same side quests. I guess I want to play it for the first time again.


Even though I had problems with the last two Ace Attorney games, and the Layton crossover, and the first Investigations, I'm in the mood to play a new one.


Where's my Pop Team Epic video game?


I was trying to figure out what the He'll Bowsette is and I accidentally read the ending to Super Mario Odyssey and now I feel sad and disappointed.


I finally finished Layton's Mystery Journey! It took forever but I did it!


I want a game mod that replaces the characters in Lisa: The Painful with characters from the Simpsons. Bart is Brad, Maggie is Buddy, Lisa is Lisa, Milhouse is Buzzo, Ralph is Rando.


Do I really want to go through all the Layton's Mystery Journey daily puzzles, all 364 of them? I'm already thoroughly sick of the game.


I don't feel like playing a Doom clone, I feel like playing a Duke Nukem 3D clone.


Why does GOG hate the idea of putting Myst III on sale?


What has the better soundtrack, Virtua Fighter 2 or Marvel vs. Capcom 2?


I can't believe how long I played Assassin's Creed: Origins. I really wish it had been a shorter, more refined game instead of a million forts and treasure chests.


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