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I Am Fish was okay, but the biological and physical inaccuracies were really distracting.


I hate all the young people for stuff they have no control over. Also, I've decided I hate mirrors now.


Ape Escape doesn't hold up as well as I remember it holding up twenty years ago.


According to the Acknowledgement section in the book "Six Wakes" the story was inspired by the cloning parts in FTL, so now I'm curious how FTL is.


If your birthday falls on a weekend, is your birthday week the week before your birthday or the week after your birthday?


I finally watched some Sonic Origins comparison videos and boy, what the Hell Sega?


I think I've been confusing Rush and Journey for years.


So, the Phantom Thieves never actually stole anything, did they?


Now that I've seen Can't Hardly Wait I think I have seen everything that Not Another Teen Movie was parodying. Now I can fully appreciate the latter.


People sitting in their parked cars, what's their deal? What are they planning?


Playing Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight is bittersweet, not only from seeing the protagonist again, but for reminding me how long it's been since I played Persona 3: FES.


Job interviews, man.


I've gone from trying to beat XCOM: Enemy Unknown on hard mode to trying to be a fully self-sufficient utopia in Tropico 6.


I finished Persona 5: Royal with the true ending this time. I have never been as unenthusiastic about fighting a final boss or as resentful about having to do so.


Was the Mirror's Edge remake bad, because I swear all hype disappeared for that franchise when that came out.


PSA: Homemade Orange Julius are not as good as the original thing.


Is it possible that I watch too many scary movies?


Hummingbirds are lucky, they can drink their own weight in sugar water without having to worry about the health effects.


I think I've hit my tolerance quota of trying to beat XCOM: Enemy Unknown on hard mode and Ironman Mode for the year.


Is there anything you can even do at the beach if you go by yourself?


I'm doing the New Game+ for Persona 5 Royal and it would be fine if the Palaces weren't such a slog.


I have a confession to make: I was in fact Lady Chatterley's lover.


One Persona 5 game down, three Persona 5 games to go.


I feel old because I saw someome riding a self-propelled surfboard and I didn't realize technology had progressed that far. The dude was like a foot off the water.


Shadow Warrior 2013 just goes on and on and on.


I'm finally far enough in Persona 5 Royal to understand why Chris Moyse called Goro Akechi, and I quote: "an insufferable square". It ends up it's not just an overreaction like the internet's attitude towards Ken Amada.


It's a shame Youtube reaction people only react to what's the current hotness, I want to see a couple of someones react to Revolutionary Girl Utena for the first time. EDIT: I should really double check things before I say them.


I'm at the point in Recettear where I need to get 500,000 dollars in less than a week and I only have 3,000 dollars and I don't know if it's worth the effort to try and raise the rest.


I must figure out a way to convince the world that Balls of Fury is an underrated comedy.


Apparently this section of Persona 5 would have been more interesting if I had been pursuing someone romantically instead of the boring waste of time it ended up being because I had been pursuing anyone romantically.


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