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I should do one of those "What in the box?" posts someday.


Sunday night on Destructoid is like Sunday night in Boston.


I've gone through Disco Elysium again on Hardcore Mode, and now I think I'm truly done with this game for a while.


I was thinking of buying the new Pokemon Snap because I enjoyed the first one so much as a kid, but then I remembered that I haven't been involved in Pokemon for years so now I'm on the fence about buying it.


I wonder whatever happened to Katia Managan.


Oh, that's why people didn't like the ending to River City Girls. It didn't bother me though, it thought the end was decently set up earlier in the game.


I want to play a game that has the aesthetic of the first world in The Journeyman Project 2.


I finally started playing River City Girls, and there's something off about Misako's voice actor. I can't quite put my finger on the problem though.


Tropico 6 keeps pulling me back in.


Will we ever learn the secret of upvotebot?


You know what I'm about.


I don't get the appeal of Friday Night Funkin'.


I guess I'll just play Disco Elysium again. But on Hardcore Mode this time. And maybe max out Inland Empire and Shivers.


Why aren't you doing drugs RIGHT NOW?


I wonder what happened to that Metroid Prime demake that was foolishly announced before it was finished.


I wish more people were fans of SSX 3 because it still holds up.


I beat Disco Elysium! I am a Police God!


The weather indicates it's a good night to crawl under the comforter and play Switch games.


I like the idea that the Sephiroth that appears in other games is the exact same Sephiroth travelling to different dimensions to torment Cloud forever.


Why the Hell isn't Resident Evil Origins Collection available for Switch digitally? It is for other platforms.


Nintendo I would like to throw money at your indie sale but you make it so needlessly hard.


I was trying to complete all the challenges in Hitman 2016 then take a break before going onto Hitman 2 so I didn't burn out, but today I just couldn't take it anymore, I crashed and burned.


Gully Foyle is my name And Terra is my nation Deep space is my dwelling place And the stars my destination


Playing and listening to Disco Elysium is weird, even if they spelled my name incorrectly.


Subnautica: Below Zero needs to hurry up and be released already, I need a new time sink.


I think I'm burning out on No Man's Sky. The stuff you can build versus the busywork you have to do to build it just doesn't feel worth it.


I was so happy to find out I could buy SSX 3 on the Xbox store. I played the shit out of that on GameCube, I hope it still holds up, and it doesn't feel too different on Xbox One.


So how's the new Among Us map?


I am so fucking sick of wrestling with the always online Hitman III servers.


Of all the April Fools video game pranks of the past few years I think this one still hurts the most.


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