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I think I eventually get a new laptop I'm going to get a cheaper, smaller model. The last bunch of games I played weren't exactly graphical powerhouses (except for Subnautica: Below Zero), and I'm tired of the heat and the loud fan on my current laptop.


I want someone to make a replacement for Elder Scrolls like how Obsidian made a replacement for Fallout.


I feel weirdly guilty when I play Slime Rancher.


Something isn't working in Disqus and I can't tell if it's me or Disqus.


Golden Tee Golf is slightly interesting because it's an arcade game everyone's seen, long after the major death of arcades, but no one cares about it at all.


The Crusader Kings III advert on the Steam store front page is freaking me out.


Time to see what's so great about this much vaunted Yakuza series.


I started the second Borderlands 3 DLC "Guns, Love, and Tentacles", and between the wedding planning, the hokey Lovecraft shit, and the constant Gaige it's like this DLC was made for me.


Summer in Mara looks like it will be the coziest shit ever.


I liked Until Dawn, but I didn't like it enough to replay the chapters to get all the collectibles since they didn't include a way to quickly skip around the chapters, even though I'm sure I missed at least 1/3 of the story.


I love how cheesy slasher movie Until Dawn is. I hope it doesn't go supernatural.


Everyone always talks about how Kanna from Blaster Master Zero 2 has literal melons for boobs but no one ever talks about how she's literally a pothead.


I want a sequel to Catherine, but it's only the puzzle parts, and it's downloadable.


I finished Catherine: Full Body, and as in other games with a karma meter I didn't get the ending I want because I disagree with the developers on what constitutes good/bad behavior/ideology.


I miss Kyle Hyde.


Playing Phantasy Star is kind of relaxing, though it probably helps that I'm playing the Sega Ages version with all the fixes. Makes me wonder if playing the sequels on the Genesis collection will be a step down.


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero felt unfinished. It was a step down in quality compared to other Shantae games.


Does anything still happen with TF2? I tried to get into it a decade ago but couldn't, but I remember for years there was always new lore being released and new modes and shit getting released, and then it stopped.


I didn't real get into Phantasy Star Online 2 for the first hour and a half I played it.


Sonic Mania is a well made Sonic the Hedgehog game in the same way Frankenstein's Monster is a well made human being.


Given how highly it was praised I was expecting more from Sonic Mania Plus than a bunch of reused assets and repainted assets.


I'm annoyed Steam sent me an email to tell me that Fallout 76 updated because I've played New Vegas in the past. Did they email me when Black Mesa finished? When Borderlands 3 showed up? Those games were actually good.


Ape Out is too short.


I tried to find Let's Players on YouTube in other countries and other languages that had English subtitles in their videos because I wanted to see what other cultures thought about games, especially games that take place in the US. I couldn't find any.


Help will Come Tomorrow looks like it's going to be the most depressing video game ever made.


I wonder if it's going to be weird to play Infamous: Second Son after I finish Spider-Man.


I want to make sure I got this right: there was Bonk, Chuck Rock, Joe & Mac, and Tamba?


As I get closer to the end of Spider-Man I cannot stop wishing Otto Octavius was played by Jason Alexander.


I swear the farther Ingo into PS4 Spider-Man's main story the more unintentionally uncomfortable it becomes.


Uh oh, I left my PS4 in sleep mode instead of turning it off all night, and when I tried to play Spider-Man there was an error. I hope I didn't bust my PS4, because that's how I busted my original Xbox.


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