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A little brothers scream can kill...

Well, obviously i'm not being literal about the title! But do you not think at times, that if it keeps going on, and on and on, you might just go and die! Well, again, not actually go and die, but you know what i mean, you feel like you are...


Minecraft 360 update info!

Well, from what iv heard, the Minecraft 360 update is going to be July the 6th! I don't know if this is true, but if it is, i cannot wait! The update is going to be 1.7.3! They will be adding pistons! Maps spawn more clay! You cannot hit T...


Microsoft- Good or Evil?

Microsoft seems like a helpful site, but there are many problems occurring on the xbox 360... Due to hackers! I know some of you reading this might be hackers, but are you sad enough to threaten children playing the xbox 360 into doing wha...


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