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What I've been doing in my spare time...

Smash Brothers. Super Samsh Brothers BRAWL. I've been playing smash brother a shit load, and by a shitload I mean as much spare time I devote to video games has been devoted to Smash Brothers...which is an ass-ton. I'm sure the majority of you guys have been playing it as well. I have to say...Its freaking awesome. I didn't think they could improve that much from the last one. Especially the Story Mode...or...Interspace Conquest Pedastal mode or whatever its called....I was expecting like last time with simple run through this dungeon and get to the end...not crazy FMV sequences of Diddy Kong Teaming up with Star Fox (which was a dream I once had), or even better, Pikachu and Samus (which is also a dream I had but it involved Samus being naked and I was Pikachu.) yeah....that game rocks.

But it got me thinking....Playing the Pok�mon trainer in subspace action network experian mode or whatever its called is really awesome....so why Can't we have a Pok�mon RPG for the Wii? I know they had that gamecube one where you played a dude and he had to make dark pokemons or something but that wasnt that good. Why not an awesome Pok�mon game for Wii with online trading with friends and all the original pokemons PLUS the new pokemons. Yes? Please nintendo, give me my pokemans.

Also, I have been filming the sequel to our short film "Crazy Zombie King." We did the first one because we heard that George Romero was doing Diary of the Dead contest where you had to make a short 3 minute movie about zombies. The top 5 would be put on the DVD. We took the idea of the Diary of the Dead thru the eyes of a camera crew thingy and makde our short about a zombie outbreak during the filming of a horrible zombie movie made for a contest. I think it turned out great. very funny...lots of arguing.....But we decided to make it like a 13 part series because it was so fun to do and we finished filming this past sunday for part 2. I'll psot moar here when its done.

But in the meantime, check out episode 1 if you would like. Here it is.

Crazy Zombie King

Check you guys later.
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