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Mating in the Pok�mon Universe


So that picture on the main page of Pikachu giving birth reminded me on the hours I spent pondering about the pok�mon birtch cycle. I don't know if this information was ever gone over in the later video games and cartoon, but my main boggle is in the mating and birth process. Like, if two Raichus mate, they make a baby Pikachu right? Thats was my main assumption until the new PICHU was discovered in a later game....so Two raichus have sex and make a Pichu? If this is the case, how did scientists like professor Oak and Pokemon Breeders not know about this? Since the Pichu was a newly discovered pok�mon, does that mean that one day Two Raichus had a baby and it was a new breed of pokemon previously undiscovered? Seriously, they say in the TV show, first episode, that there are 150 known types of pok�mon....so how can we just NOW be discovering these pre-evolved pokemon?

Also, can a Raichu and a Pikachu mate and produce a Pichu? Or does it have to be a Pikachu and Pikachu or Raichu and Raichu?

Also, when it comes to the evolution process of pok�mon through the use of a certain type of stone isn't that a little weird? Like what are the chances of a Pikachu just running into a Thunder stone lying around out in the forest somewhere? Or did the scientists take all these different types of stones and expose all types of pokemon to them in a Pok�mon lab testing area to see the effects different stones have on different pok�mon. I can picture that in my head, man...professor oak strapping an eevee down to a table and exposing him to various different types of element stones to see what'd happen. That'd be awesome. I smell a short film.

Also, I never knew how the whole aspect of pok�mon evolving through trading worked out in the pok�mon universe. Like, if i give my machoke to a friend he turns into a machamp. What exactly in the pok�mon's DNA triggers this? Does it count if you steal someones Machoke? Would he turn into a Machamp while you are making your get-away and bust your ass with his newly grown extra beefy arms? Seriously.

ALso, I think its fucked up that you can only carry 6 pok�mon on you. WHo made that rule? Like, is does it have to do with a thing of storage capacity of pok�balls? If I want to cary 10 pokemon, I think i should be able to....and not have the new ones sent to my local hometown Professor's house. And also, someone developed the technology to trasport matter through the computer systems wirelessly and the best thing they can use it for is to send you pokemon home. I mean, can't they be using this to cure the pokemon world's hunger problems by sending necessary medical equipment and food and water to starving people in the Johto area or something?

And finally, who the fuck would let their 10 year old child go out into the world to become a pokemon trainer? You kid is ten years old! GREAT PARENTING! I wonder if Ash's mom ever sits and thinks about how her son is out there in the dead of night, starving, in a world full of ravenous and wild monsters who WILL beat the shit out of you if they stumble upon you, while also constantly being chased by pok�mon stealing terrorists. Good parenting.

Anyway, that ends my pokemon rant...I was only going to talk about my questions on the breeding subject, but I just kept typing...

Right on, catch you guys later
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