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Conan Rocks Out to Rock Band, 4 Realz

The O’Brien variety, not the Barbarian one. So “LATE NIGHT’S BACK!!!1” and with it are some strike beards, some striker-sanctioned hilarity, and a whole bunch of filler. Of the filler, we follow Conan as he lets us know what he’s been up to...


Portal: the Flash Version, Brain Pains in 2D

The Orange Box came out yesterday, so I hope most of you took a breather from your gloriously fun Halo 3 matches to pick up this little bundle of joy. Among the several games that fully justify the purcahse, you have Portal, a mind-racki...


T-Shirt Empire, a Suda51 in Trouble

In the latest twenty-second clip promoting No More Heroes, Suda51’s displaying some nice merchandise, probably at profoundly appropriate prices! Also presented here, he’s sporting a nice INLAND EMPIRE tee. Suda51 loves the wacky and spora...


Crystal Castles Last Night, Robot Rape Recovery Today

If robots had their own Marvin Gaye, it’d be Crystal Castles*. Nothing gets the circuits sparking and warping than the sex program of two robots with the regard of devil-may-care, teenage angst-filled high school students and the beautifu...


42 Minutes of Mass Effect, Feat. Hot Hot Heat

A little while back, Orcist gave his impressions of Mass Effect’s showing at PAX 07. I have to say, I’m somewhat in the same boat. Nothing is absolutely catching my attention. This is not to say the game will be awful. The game certainly ...


Videogames Making Commentary Fun

Tom Chick recently did a write up saying, “Games have no place trying to make social or political commentary.” On the other side of the coin, Destructoid and its readership have also expressed their desire of games and more mature materia...


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