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What's going on?

My friend and I occasionally have discussions about the game industry. I really liked this one so thought I'd post it and see what others think.  We start with the PS3 and end up talking about the state of the Wii. I hope you g...


Prediction about Ps3 Move

Note: we always try new things even things that we are not good at. From now on I am going to stick to the good. I tried the whole blog thing, writing a blog about random thoughts that came threw but it did not work. Now I am here with a fr...


What Up Destructoid?

Hey to all. I am new here and Just wanted to say hello and that I really enjoy Destructoid.com. I have been visiting the site for about a year or so. I found out about it through g4 when ya did the whole birthday thing for Jessica Chobot. E...


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