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What's going on?

My friend and I occasionally have discussions about the game industry. I really liked this one so thought I'd post it and see what others think.  We start with the PS3 and end up talking about the state of the Wii. I hope you g...


Prediction about Ps3 Move

Note: we always try new things even things that we are not good at. From now on I am going to stick to the good. I tried the whole blog thing, writing a blog about random thoughts that came threw but it did not work. Now I am here with a fr...


What Up Destructoid?

Hey to all. I am new here and Just wanted to say hello and that I really enjoy I have been visiting the site for about a year or so. I found out about it through g4 when ya did the whole birthday thing for Jessica Chobot. E...


What I hate: Videogame Prices and More

Game prices. 49.99, 59.99, these are the norms for console games and of course the "oh' we want as most people to get it" price of 39.99 then you have the "please buy it" price of 29.99 then lastly the "who cares?" of 19.99 But honestly I ...


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