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Greg Miller Is A Douchebag

As you all know, there's a huge controversy going on over Nintendo's plans to open up a new Nintendo Store near ground zero. People are upset because Nintendo's use of motion controls in video games is insensitive to the fact that the planes that brought down the towers on 9/11 were also in motion. Many have pointed out that the other consoles are just as bad, and that Sony and Microsoft have also stepped into the world of motion controlled gaming, but critics still argue that the most extreme examples of motion controls across the world still come from Nintendo.

Jerry Tones, president of a small Microsoft fan club, is planning a burning of hundreds of copies of Kirby's Epic Yarn on November 19th, the anniversary of the Wii's American release, unless the store is moved. This is obviously a situation that we should all take seriously, as well as one deserving of lots of media attention and commentary from the president. And it goes without saying that anyone who would even suggest that all parties involved are equally ridiculous, including Nintendo fans who would be offended by something so stupid, is clearly just bigoted against Nintendo fans.

Incidentally, a similar controversy that you may not have heard about is that some nut in Gainesville, Florida was planning on burning a bunch of Korans on the anniversary of 9/11. Greg Miller, who writes for IGN.com, commented on my Facebook status basically calling me a bigot because I dared point out that some of the things written in the Koran are infinitely more offensive than anything that could ever be done to one. I'm sorry, but if your holy book says that I deserve to burn in Hell, I have a hard time sympathizing with you being offended by someone burning it.(I'm aware that not all Muslims/Christians believe that everyone who disagrees with them deserves to go to Hell, but I'm guessing that they don't lose a lot of sleep over the fact that many people do believe that. So hopefully you can understand why I'm not losing any sleep over someone burning your stupid book.)

I explained to Greg Miller that I feel exactly the same way about the Bible, and that I would be equally unsympathetic of Christians who were offended by someone burning it. That didn't seem to matter though, since he apparently already concluded that I was a bigot and deleted me from his friends list. Of course, he has every right to do so, just as I have every right to say that Greg Miller, from IGN.com, is a douchebag. Also, I hope that Taylor Swift gets interrupted during every award show for the rest of her career.

Also, I have no problem with any religious person, regardless of what their religion is. My problem is with the religions themselves. I'm aware that many(probably even the majority) of religious people don't even believe in the most objectionable parts of their religion. To paraphrase Christopher Hitchens, the best thing you can say about religious people is that most of them are hardly religious at all.
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