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Improvements: Widgets, branding and indie game development

The internet is full of wannabe douche-bags, real douche-bags, and cute teddy bears. Literally, that is all. So, since I don't like douche bags and am a supermegabig fan of cute teddy bear-like creatures/internet users, I propose that you give us widgets or implement some tool that allows us to go beyond what "following" is now on this site and give us live updates, via email or, like I mentioned previously, a widget or something so we can know who is following us, who is replying to our comments, who likes our blogs, who likes our comments on blogs and such. Reputation systems, as I'm sure you guys know since you are in the heart of social media central up in 'dem guts in SOMA, are a pretty big deal these days and the ability to "+1" someone's comment, to reply to individual comments directly, to "rank" a user (though I can understand why you wouldn't want to do this as well) as, for example, a power user or a helpful person, as you do on the forums, would be a real big help for us bloggers and frequenters of your site.

Point numero dos:

Your buy/sell site is awesome and I've found some cool titles at great prices there, but there isn't enough of a community doing it, it seems like to me anyways, and that's 1) because there is no reputation system - think Ebay and 2) because it's just a bolded red hyperlink on the right side of the homepage, not that obvious to someone who doesn't know what they are looking for (ie. the new people you are trying to attract to the service).

Literally nothing to do with the site at all, but it's cute. SUE ME!
Point numero tres: Branding

Max Scoville's t-shirt designs, those cool hats/beanies/whatever and, of course, the dtoid men need to be more prominently and aggressively marketed to grow your brand, which is what your company has become now with growth. I won't buy IGN stuff because 1) I don't care about it but 2) because it's never displayed anywhere (I'm not sure they even have a store) but you guys have such a rocking community of rabid geeks like me and such a cool culture and atmosphere that it doesn't make any sense to not get all of us on board buying bumper stickers, decals, hats, games, swag, whatever.

Point numero quatro: Indie development

Bungie has it, XBLA has it, Steam has it....sorta and Adult Swim has it. IGN doesn't. Gamespot doesn't. 1up doesn't. Destructoid should have it! I'm absolutely positive there are budding game developers all over this site and I follow many of them on the C-blogs. With such an ardent, rabid community (see first 3 points) we could and should totally have an active indie game development platform going. I don't know if Destructoid alone has the resources, but the rest of the peeps on Revision with you (I'm not sure what your umbrella organization is called right now...sorry) definitely in total have the resources, manpower/chickrawwkerpower and desire to make games. You could be, pun-intended, game-changing in this regard if Dtoid first came out with a way to help gamers and fans develop and distribute their content.

Get some of this hot man flesh...while it's hot

Anywho, I gotta jet, but these are just some thoughts of mine. Have a great day!
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