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Super Mario RPG promo video


This is a preview of Super Mario RPG from the V-Jump Festival in 1995. Yes Miyamoto is in the video, talks about the game. It's all in Japanese so there is no english sub text in it. I just noticed a big head Mario in 3-D and it reminded me of Super Mario 64 (big head) intro. So probably the big head was not in the final game until 64 game (video right below).

I remember renting Super Mario RPG for the first time and I didn't know much what it was at time except for Mario. I played some of it was great at the time. I didn't know what was an RPG because I didn't know what rpg' were. I had The SEGA GENESIS which I still happily own today. My friend had one, but I'm not sure if he still owns a SNES or not. He told me what were RPG's back then and especially Final Fantasy, which he did not own. Wikipedia says "Square-Enix is considering bringing back Super Mario RPG by making a sequel on the DS. The sequel would include more characters from the Final Fantasy universe.” However, there has been no such confirmation from either Nintendo or Square Enix." But strongly prefer it on the Wii even if they were DS graphics. I really would Chrono Trigger DS to be on the Wii because I don't own a DS. I wouldn't want to play it on a small screens.

There is the Mario rpg fan made music video provided by Scrixx blog, which is kind of good. If you care to watch it or not.

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