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The Big List: Independent Game Developers

I thought since some people here seem to be at least somewhat interested in indie games, then they might be interested in this pretty huge list of indie game developers that I decided to compile quite sometime ago. It only just dawned on me...


Indie Games You Might Have Missed

So I thought I'd make a post about the second youtube series I've been making called Indie Games You Might Have Missed. Anyone familiar with the old Indygamer / Indie Games The Weblog or TIGSource might be familiar with some of the games fe...


100 Underrated Indie Games

The few people that read the 1st couple of posts of the blog I started here might remember a youtube series I was talking about called Obscure Indie Games. Anyways, halfway through it, I changed its name to Underrated Indie Games and eventu...


Obscure Indie Games Part 27: Surphasm [Oddwarg]

The first thing you will probably think when looking at Surphasm is that it looks amateurish. And it does. Even I was turned off the first time I played it, not only because of its appearance but also because controlling the creature you ...


Obscure Indie Games Part 25: Gear World [sir Xemic]

Platformers, in which you control 'blocks' as characters, are usually signs of a pretty amateurish game, however Gear World is one of the exceptions to the rule (see also: Seven Minutes). It oozes retro, although it might be too tough fo...


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