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Ridge racer is the first racing game I have ever played on my 3DS and while itís a solid racer it is missing some important features and has a few problems hindering it from being an enjoyable experience. I will start off by saying that th...


Crimson Angels 3DS group

Name: Crimson Angels Leader: Morganmn Leader's friend code: 0387-8791-9402 members who can join:87 motto: The Crimson Angels hold there swords up high, With guns a blazing and fists that fly, prepare for hell, be ready to die! This is a Gr...


Saturday 3DS play Times

Hello all 3DS owners, I am starting something called Saturday 3DS play Times. Saturday 3DS Play Times is a get together tipe thing where all 3DS owners get together online on Saturday at around 4:00p.m(Canada time) to play video games with ...


Making a Videogame website

Hey guys I would like to get your opinion on a very important matter. I have decided to make a Video Game website and I need your help for ideas. I have come up with a name for the website and stuff but I want your opinion as I have previou...


Why I hate the PSVita!

The PSVita is a discusting handheld, It is like mixing chocolate with $hit, and making it look nice. I use to think Sony new what thay were doing with the PSVita, but no more. First off is that they are trying to copy every handheld in exis...


Death Battle!!!

All Destructoid users, you have been challenged to a Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Death Battle!! The Death Battle is on May 28, 2011 at 4:00 P.M- 5:00 P.M. Here are the rules: 1. you must right down my Friend code: Hunter, 0387-8791-...


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