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The Meta Blog Entry

So is it a rule that these blogs have to be about "vijya" games or can I do this about like other shit so I dont need to have another blog blog on another site. I mean I want to talk about all the bois at skool and like the gossip but I fe...


About moosersonone of us since 1:28 PM on 06.30.2007

I am nice mostly. I am a junior now in the 'ol highschool and I am trying to figure out what college to go to so I can become a secret agent. I think I will work in Tunisia and have many multi-sylambicly-named friends. It will be real. Lemme post some pics. And also dicks. Wait what is up with that wtf is that also cocks business about. Anyways the main game I play seriously is Company of Heroes it being the hands down hello kick ass rts out right now aside from the classics. It is the best of the best with some great gameplay once you get into. Though you can always complain about balance and servers blah blah blah its great. I have a wii. They have a bunch here if you need one tell me.

Heres a picture of myslef. Interesting juxtaposition no? Its sarcastic so don't shout at me for who I compare myself to.

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