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Sheldon Lee Cooper is a theoretical physicist at Caltech who shares with Leonard the apartment 4A of their apartment building with a broken, rundown elevator that always seems to be out of order (they both caused an explosion in it). He is Leonard's best friend and colleague, and he appears to have obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, the suspicion of it beginning in Season 1, Episode 2 (The Big Bran Hypothesis). A child prodigy, Sheldon possesses a Master's degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master of Arts, a Ph.D, and a Sc.D. Like Leonard, he keeps a whiteboard in the living room for scientific theories, especially for his work on string theory. Unlike Leonard, he embraces his knowledge fully and doesn't mind sharing details of his life that Leonard finds embarrassing, such as their main weekend activity being Klingon Boggle tournaments until 1 a.m. It's indicated that Sheldon's knowledge is concentrated more fully on science (although he does have an extensive general knowledge as well, shown by his comments regarding the introduction of the fork into Thailand, and his knowledge of history) and that his 187 IQ is higher than Leonard's; he tends to question Leonard's theories and his background is full of behaviors common to child prodigies. Sheldon is often considered to be the secondary protagonist of the series, and occasionally the primary antagonist of the series. His trademark word is: "Bazinga!"

Sheldon was born in Galveston, Texas to Mary, a devout Evangelical Christian and George Cooper, a Texan Homer Simpson. He has a sister named Missy and a brother named George. At age 12, he conducted experiments involving the height of stairs and deduced that if a step on a staircase is 2 millimeters off or more, a person is likely to trip. This resulted in his father breaking his clavicle. At the same age, he dabbled in lasers which resulted in him being sent to boarding school (most likely a boarding school for the specially gifted, or he went and actually taught at the boarding school, given his child prodigy); it is heavily implied in a CBS promotional clip that the government took Sheldon's laser away and hushed the college professor who witnessed the experiment. According to his mother, when Sheldon was 13, he attempted to build a nuclear reactor at a young age in order to provide free electricity for his town; that failed after a government agent informed him that, it was illegal to store yellowcake uranium in a shed; he then had a big tantrum as a result. She also reminded him of how the neighbour kids used to beat him up, due to him boasting to them how he was smarter than them. He also built a so-called "Death Ray" (which was unsuccessful) and a robotic arm made from substrates cooked in his sister's Easy-Bake Oven. Sheldon left school in the fifth grade and went to college, where he received his first doctorate at the age of 16. He then spent four years on his second dissertation, and held his current job for eight years.

Sheldon also has common qualities associated with being a prodigy, such as an inflated ego, social ineptness, and an inability to relate emotionally with others. He fails to understand not only the simplest sarcastic jokes made by his friends, but also regards Penny's sadness over her break up with blatant disgust. That isn't to say Sheldon doesn't have a conscience; he's simply more likely to do what's scientifically ethical (not donate to a "high IQ sperm bank" because his sperm won't guarantee high IQ offspring) rather than morally and socially ethical (break into Penny's home to organize her things). Sheldon also remains unswayed by Penny's beauty (although he was quoted by saying "no one can be that attractive and this skilled in video games"). He also has symptoms of possible obsessive compulsive personality disorder and Asperger's syndrome. E.g., when he finds Penny's apartment messy, he sneaks in during the night and cleans it up because he can't stand being in the same hallway with something so disastrous, he refuses to sit anywhere other than his designated spot on the couch and follow set routines, and the running gag of the show is that when he knocks on Penny's door, he has to say Penny's name every three knocks (He does this thrice everytime). He cannot read body language, facial expressions or sarcasm (In The 21-Second Excitation , he states that he is 8 for 26.). He is calculating and cynical, believing that Leonard is only setting himself up for disappointment as he continues to obsess about Penny. The center of Sheldon's entire universe is the left hand seat on the sofa in the room A4 in the buliding though he gives this to Howard as peace offering after he messed up his security interview with the FBI.


"That's no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and it makes me sad. "

"My mother was right, hell is real."

"Bazinga, I don't care."