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The Death of the JRPG?

Let's wax poetic for a few sentences and talk about the good ol' days. Growing up I was intoxicated by JRPG's like Final Fantasy 7, Breath of Fire 4, and Chrono Trigger. I loved their focus on story and the depth of customization with items...


The Used Game "Debate"

Don't do it Jimmy! If you buy that game the industry will crumble! Ok, so Iím sure this topic has been done from more angles than Jenna Jameson by now (take that Tito!), but my unwillingness to see any real issue for debate has forced me...


Hi-ya! ...I mean, Hiya!

Hey! My name is Mike and my internet alias is mjw282 and I am a brand spankiní new blogger here at Destructoid. This is my obligatory introductory note and in an effort to make it seem more interesting for the both of us Iíd like all of you...


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Who the heck am I? Who's asking?

I work with a site called DIGITAL HIPPOS which focuses on games, music, and film of the indie variety. Stop by and check it out!


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