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Top 5 most anticipated games of 2008! The Agency? Ghostbusters? Wait, what!?

I was on MSN earlier today (don't ask) and I saw a list for 2008's most anticipated games so I clicked it and was like all WHOA at the list and Here it list:

1) Grand Theft Auto
2) Brawl
3) Spore
4) The Agency
5) Ghostbuster


I have never heard of the Agency and from the screen shot I don�t think I want to either. I have no idea where or how they get their top 5 list, maybe money does talk. The Ghostbuster does looks sweet and could be a wicked game I just never expected to see something that isn't mainstream hit a top 5 list.

The top 3 games are definitely anticipated the last 2 I just don't see being on that list.

My top 5 as of right this moment would look like this, made some changes already!

1) Metal Gear Solid - I have a man crush on this game
1.1) Little Big Planet
2) Silent Hill
3) Resident Evil
3.1) Left 4 dead
4) Patapon
5) Final Fantasy

What�s your top 5 list for this year?
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