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Tales of Etrian Odyssey-Contest Whoring

I don't expect anyone to read this blog because when the contests have you creating a Cblog there are usually a billion posts and 85% of them just suck, so I am trying to get into that 15% range...............trying

(Epic picture was not working)

I have never played this game nor heard of it till up to yesterday, heck, I have not even heard of the game that predates it, but I can safely say that it looks damn cool and that no one can argue with free! (free rape is different.....) I asked what people should write about when they know nothing about the game and I received no answer so I'm just going to type.

I joined Destrudctoid in '06, when there was a forum (sadly it's gone now...) I did this so I could whore myself at all the contests Meep-Jeep style. I'm very competitive as well, I sit in front of my computer screen with a bottle of Gatorade, short shorts, a wife beater and a head band constantly pressing F5 to see just what contests are coming. The awesome part is I actually won something (see the 50th comment free iron on patch thread) the sad part is that I never received an e-mail for the patch :(

Mentally this is a very stressing sport to compete in as you have to be on the ball 24 fucking 7 and even typing and posting a blog is crucial as you have to do it just right and at the right time. Anyone here ever start up a Tampax user name just so you could win free shit? I didn’t think so.

The art of contest whoring is easy to get into but hard to master and I would see the pressure from regular posters who contribute stuff on a daily basis as being the greatest obstacle to overcome. You can NOT be weak in this whoring world baby as some people can type some nasty ass shit like: Newb, N3wb, Noob, N00b, N0ob, N0oB, Whore, whor3, contest whore, Fail, FLAIL, [email protected], fAil, Fail, loser....etc and if you can't take the names you will snap like an old ladies hip after she falls down when she tries to pick up her cat that hasn't eaten in three days because she's so damn poor that she have to eat the damn cat food. If you have tears in your eyes ir any feelings from that old lady consider your career in contest whoring OVER.

The life of contest whore is a hard long one, but it can be a good one if you play your cards right so keep your chin up hi and your F5 button humming.
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