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Just spent $190,000......

Well financed that amount and I get possession of our house on April 4th!!!!!

That's right me and my girlfriend are pretty much done (except the lawyer mumbo jumbo) buying our first house (well town house), not to shabby for a 22 year old! So I will be busy packing up my stuff and all that fun stuff over the next two weeks followed by unpacking.

The only time I will have access to a computer for a bit will be at work, which is where I am right now. So you will see maybe less of me, who knows. I'm sure .002% of people will be affected by this...lol :(

This is just too damn exciting as not having to pay rent and putting the cash pretty much back into our own pockets is a bonus, yay equity! Plus working at a bank helps as you get some nice deals on mortgages.

The only down side is to this is that I won't be able to just run out and buy any game that interests me, I will have to budget! A bonus though is that now I can have my PS3 hooked up to the internet 24/7 instead of packing it down stairs so I can play online which is/was very lame.

Well that is my story and as you can tell I am excited!!!
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