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Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition on PC! ( and Xbone a bit too ) man there's a huge load of bugs on PC :-(


sooo... after having my Rift for about a week, today I received my Vive... FUCK THAT POS RIFT... these 3 hours with the Vive were already a million times better than anything on rift and I was just doing glorified techdemo's...




360° EuroNARP Main Location: https://theta360.com/s/lTLauK5LJu0aY7vYtZgzjhNXU ( Retro Location and people in replies :-) )


So... who wants to come to Belgium for a NARP? It's really safe here... No really... and we have great beer and fries and waffles and chocolate! Please come! It's not like Iraq/Iran here! We're nice people!


https://twitter.com/Lord%20/status/708956070409072641-> Special Day for Niero today!


There's a blog coming soon, but here are already some pics of the current state of my gameroom: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/3ifu64/tehlair3%20/


Just "completed" my first championship in Dirt Rally by getting 3rd place in the M3 without any assists and manual shifting... Feels like one of my biggest gaming-acomplishments so far :-D


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I'm also the main host of the EuroNARPs and "owner" of Teh Lair ( but I get a LOT of help from my best mates so I don't really see myself as the actual owner )
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