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My current gameroom ( euronarp location: Area1 )

It's coming closer every second... 8 more days till the euroNARP starts... This post is to give you a sneak peak at the first area ( that was completed yesterday ). But before I show you the pictures, I first gotta explain the concept a bit.

"Teh Lair²" was a culmination of my passion for blacklights and gaming back in the days when I just 'started' it. This still rings true today. "Teh Lair²" has 3 stages.

The 'normal' stage

The 'normal' stage, which can be described as the stage you would use to show it to anybody that is not a gamer, parents, girlfriends etc etc... This stage is quite basic, you've got the regular lighting and it just shows the place as having loads of stuff on the walls, a really busy gaming place.

The 'Dark' stage

The 'Dark' stage, is a state of teh lair that has been designed to enable smooth gameplay, without any disturbing glare. Yet it is still 'light' enough to enable the doing of other things, like rolling stuff. The lights are all turned of for this except for the blacklights, giving you a slight preamble of the next stage, and in fact also serves as the best 'charging state' for the next stage.

The 'Wireframe' stage

I loved Tron, I simply loved that movie, and the design for this stage was loosely based upon the premise of that movie, what if you could get into a game? how would it feel to move around in absolute nothingness, only seeing the wireframes? Well this stage will show it to you and make you experience reality in a way you've never experienced it before.

So now I'll show you "Teh Lair²" as it is now, ready for the euroNARP :-)

I'll show you a few different angles, each time in the 3 stages of "teh Lair²" so you get a good idea of what awaits you here :-)


So I hope you all liked this little view into 'my little world' and hope to see lots of you guys at the euronarp :-)
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