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Euro-NARP First prizes are Confirmed! ( 29 to 31 of august )

As hopefully more and more of you people start to become aware of the absolute awesomeness that will be the EURO-NARP at the end of August, I'm working hard to get as much cool stuff together as possible!

in case you don't know about it, -> GO HERE NOW <-

Now Its just the first batch of prizes that will be available for winning at the EURONARP, I'm getting all this stuff for this NARP together by myself at the moment and am also financing all this stuff by myself for as far as my wallet will take me :-)

In this first batch of "prizes" I've got some very exclusive and rare items that I'll be parting from for you guys to win ( if I don't woop all your asses and win all my own stuff back :p ). I used to work in a movietheater, as a result I was able to get a bunch of high quality posters back in those days, As you can see in the headerimage of my blog, I used to have them all up on the walls in my apartment in Kortrijk ( aptly named "Teh Lair" )

click -> here for more <-

Now more about the exclusives later, first we'll talk about the obvious stuff...

since the NARP is in Belgium,


So lets make this a bit clearer, there's so many different kinds of commercial beers around that we have and actual beer-bible ( depicted on the original blogpost about the NARP ). So I'll be treating all of you to some very special beers...

Like this nice lightcolored, yet surprisingly heavy beer, Duvel...

It's been called "The Beer of Kings" and its name is a dialect of you guessed it, "Devil", a beer named like that, made in a country as Katholic as Belgium, can only be one of the best beers ever brewed, and believe me, it is!

-> Wikipedia <-

Not good enough for you? Ok, so how about some beer, made by monks in the way it was done back in 1796?

Yes, this rather exclusive beer is even available in 3 varieties, each stronger then the last...

-> Wikipedia <-

Or maybe 1796 is a bit to youngh for you? How about a beer that's been basicly the same since the Middle Ages? You heard it right! This is a beer drunk by Knights and noblemen, now it will be drunk by the noble Europeans at the Dtoid NARP...

Beer drunk by knights and warriors, seems like a perfect fit for Dtoid!

Its name, Hoegaarden, named after the village that has been making it since then...

-> Wikipedia <-

I hope to get you dreaming by this allready, but there will be more at the NARP itself! these are just teasers ;-)

Of course, diversification has to be made! So some beers will only be made available to people who earn the right to drink it!

Some beers will have to be fought over in intense all-out battles! Beat an opponent in a contest and get free beer! How easy could it be? There will be over 30 consoles lying around and hopefully enough people will be able to bring some spare TV's ( more about that later !!! ), so contests will be available at will, get enough people together for a contest and I'll give some special beer as prize!

One of these will be various incarnations of Leffe, though no longer produced in the old way, still made by the old recipe, these beers have a very diverse taste and are quite heavy on your head, but in the best possible way, I'm talking of course about: Leffe!

-> Wikipedia <-

I'm still working on the exact list of which beers will be made freely availble and which won't but I'm aiming for about 6 different kinds of beer that everybody can freely get + about 5 to 10 "exclusive" beer-kinds.

Another way to get to the exclusive beers is very very easy! and anyone can do this practically :-)

Bring equipment with you and I shall show my gratitude towards you with free beer! Let me explain this a bit, I've got about 32 consoles at the moment, BUT I only have 3 TV's, also I only have each console once, so if we want to get a H3 4vs4vs4vs4 network match going, we'll need 3 more 360's ( a friend of mine will prolly bring one anyway ), see what I mean?

Now, below will be the explanation about the "rare" prizes, but first I have a logical, yet for me sad announcement to make, I've doing some calculations, and my initial idea of doing the whole NARP completely free seem a bit farfetched to say the least, especially since we decided to make it 3 days instead of 1 so you guys will need food and all that too :-) So (except for the winner/bringer-beers) I'll have to charge the shopping prize to you guys ( I won't be making any profit :p )

Ok now as for the "rare" and exclusive prizes, these are high quality vinyl posters of HUGE sizes, I've got a few availbe for you to win, to give you an idea of the size of these beauties, here's a banner of "Dungeons & Dragons", now since its a banner, its about half the height of a "regular poster" ( though there are a few smaller ones available ( only 1,5m on 1m )

I'm only showing you the one of D&D since the rest of them are all nicely tucked away at my home, and this was the only one that I could kind of open up in the limited space available since I was alone there :-)

ow yeah, the blue thing is a door of about 85 cm wide, just to give you an idea ;-)

The other movies that I have this kind of poster from are:
- Daredevil
- HellBoy
- Star Wars

now as you can imagine, these will have to be won by a serious contest, so suggestions are welcome :-)

I'll also need some people to help me set up the tents for sleeping in, so if there's a few people that would be willing to come on Thursday already, please let me know...

To get an idea of what to expect in regards to people, please send an email to tehlair [ at ] gmail.com put as subject "EURONARP SIGN UP YOUR_DTOID_NICKNAME" with the information for the NARP.

- Need Parking space yes / no
- Need Spot in tent ( you have to bring your own sleeping bag/mattress ) yes / no
- Will Bring
- tent ( with spare spots if any )
- console ( which )
- TV ( what kind )
- peripherals ( RB-kit/lightguns/etc )
- Need pickup from train station yes/no

Of course anyone can bring their own controllers/games ( then you're sure there'll be enough to go around ) as well! just be sure to lable everything clearly!

Also if I can say that there's going to be a set amount of people, I might be able to get some sponsoring going :-)

Sorry for the wall of text, but you gotta admit, its a tasty read ;-)

PS: Donations for prizes will be greatly appreciated! :-D ( You off course get to choose which contest to hold for it of course )

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