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Coolest @ E3? A Game without a Name !!!

E3 this year wasn't as spectacular as many of us had hoped... However! This announcement made all the difference for me... I've been waiting for a game like this ever since I first played online team-matches... I love playing an online war,...


Horror day turned into lucky day thanks to toystore

Sometime you just wish you hadn't woken up... I get up, get on my bike to go to the bakery, first one: closed, on the way to the second one it starts to rain like crazy, turns out, its closed as well... K onto the third one... still rainin...


Over nine thousand!!!

Though I'm technically not allowed to join in, as I live in the outcast zone that is Europe... I couldn't hold myself from sharing this with you guys: I tried to put a rectangle around it in Snagit Studio ( at work atm so not that many ...


If you love it, change it: dToid Community Section

As it is still the 31st of may, I want to quickly add to this months theme with some ideas that've been playing through my head. Its videogamesite related so I figure it fits within the premise of the 'assignment' :-) I think some serious ...


Can't get to PAX? How about a NARP? (NSFW prolly)

Can't make it to PAX? Because you live in Europe and you're Wii only prints money for Nintendo but not for you? You spent all your money for planetickets on games? You simply haven't got the dough? I've offer you a solution... Well this...


Does it Suck Contest - The Club

Partly NSFW due to google-images Since NihonTiger challenged us to a nice little contest and I've been wanting to tell you about this game, this was the perfect moment to get my writing on... So onto The Club... because we all want to k...


Fake Game Friday: Call Of Nazi Germany

There's been a lot of hooha's about the upcoming game from our dearest Luc Bernard, in the podtoid our beloved community leaders talked about the subject for a moment and Jim mentioned that he had once envisioned a nazi-simulator ( while be...


Welcome to Dtoid, now... GTFO!

An survivalguide for destructoid: Well I've been a dtoid regular for about a year now, finally got the nerve to get me an account a few months ago to post a little something in my blog... However lately there seems to be a steady stream o...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Well I've been wanting to post a few pics of my casemod(s) for a while, but what time would be better then when there's a contest going on? :-) Well, where to start? this once used to be a nice standard white case, without any holes / scu...


Camping Dtoid-Style ( and in Holland ;-) )

Already since 2001 a special Event is held in the North of Holland where thousands of gamers come together for 11 days of what can only be described as utter gaming madness... I'm talking about Campzone! What once started as a fun experim...


History Of A Gaming Lounge ( PICS )

as a response to some other guys request to post our gaming lounge (can't find the link now), I decided to grab a little in my past pictures since my current setup is basic and simple ( yet extremely fun to play with but more about that lat...


About misticone of us since 6:31 PM on 11.11.2007

Just a simple Belgian ( actually Flemish ) guy. Father of 3 awesome kids, a boy (3yo) and twin girls(1yo ).

I'm also the main host of the EuroNARPs and "owner" of Teh Lair ( but I get a LOT of help from my best mates so I don't really see myself as the actual owner )
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