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My Take on MGS4

I've never played a metal gear solid game before. I have played both AC!Ds and I really
enjoyed them. I truly loved them because they reminded me of Phantasy Star Online Episode
3. I really like that game and THe whole card concept really was interesting (I never played a
Phantasy Star, Just the PSO and I hated the Online). Now back to MGS4, I knew that this
game was really different, But I was not expecting this to be so cool. Metal Gear Games focus
more on Avoiding combat than engaging Call of Duty Style. I had heard that but, never
thought about what that would be like. On the Surface telling a non-devout gamer about a
game that focuses on NOT fighting would sound awful, then again most of my friends think I
am retarded because I like Turn based games. Ok, Now I really like MGS4, I am just starting
the 2nd act and I think I has to be one of the best games I have ever seen. I feel like Snake
is a real person. If you squat to long his back hurt and you'll see him wince and hit his lower
back. Sometimes, he takes a while to get up. At first this may seem annoying, But digging
deeper this really allows for a connection to the character. You feel Snake's pain of rapid
aging and as much as I'd like to have young snake back this really adds and extra element
that no one really has done before. I have never been a die hard Konami fan in the past, but I recognize the small Snatcher and Policenauts easter eggs they have strewn about the game.
After playing a real gaming gem like MGS4 I would love to track down some of Konami's older
greats Like Symphony of the night and The beloved snatcher. Mabe one day Konami will
remake snatcher for PS3, I can only hope.
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