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My Life in Videogames

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About mishalitone of us since 3:46 PM on 11.26.2010

Hi I'm Misha.
Contrary to my cutesy avatar, I'm quite a bro.
I live in Seattle, but have not yet gone to PAX.
I have a 360, PS1 and 2, a DS (which is currently mortgaged to my grandma) and a pspGO which I love deeply.
i have only recently gotten back into gaming, after taking a hiatus for 2 years. Thank you Elder Scrolls Morrowind for bringing me back :)

Right now I am: Playing some ScummVM on my pspGO, loving the story of Dragon Age (and hating the combat), as well as trying to find really cheap classic games at thrift stores, play them, and sell them back for profit to Play N'Trade :D