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The start of the affair: SNES in the early days.

Ahh the SNES, probably the best most prolific system of our time, not only did it have so many titles, but so many quality titles. While there were many games to rave about on the system I want to talke about three games, the three games that solidified my love of games forever. I had played NES at friends houses many many times before the SNES had come out and had loved it, I remember distinctly being at a mates house and we hired out an import Japanese SNES and Street Fighter 2, one word AMAZING.

It wasn't long before I had a SNES of my own, after much pleading I got one for christmas not long after it had launched in AU, and I got a copy of SF2 and Super Mario World. SF2 took up a huge amount of my time in the first few weeks, playing with friends, trying to beat it with every character, and then on one weekend I popped in SMW and a whole new world of awesome opened up to me. Me and my sister stayed up till the early hours of the morning and made through about half of the game, simply fantastic and one of if not THE greatest game ever made.

That is until I picked up a copy of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and let me just say, WOW. This game took over my life, every day after school, every weekend until I reached the final boss, and believe it or not I never finished it until far more recently but that game has stayed with me and i will never forget it.

How aesome was this map? totally awesome thats how.

These three games changed my life and have no doubt solidified my place as a gamer for years to come, in the words of Chad Concelmo, AMAZING!
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