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Lightspeed Champion loves Zelda

Watch closely and you'll recognize some old Zelda baddies lurking in this 10-minute long epic by ex-Test Icicle member Devonte Hynes. It is soothing, slide guitar-y, and features a myriad of dramatic shifts. This is a well-orchestrate...


My Life in Video Games Thus Far...

Approximately four years ago, a great strike of wisdom hit me (wisdom physically hit me, yes) while considering my great move to Michigan State University. Archive and store my PSX games (plus my Dreamcast stuff). I took all of the case...


Where art thou, Antilles?

Just make it. Please Factor 5, don't leave me so utterly broken. Just make a sequel to Rogue Squadron 2 that is not a game a five-year-old could beat after nap time. What happened? Those ground-based levels for Rebel Strike were so go...


The Best Name Ever...

I do here declare the best name ever for a system is: There are few systems that can compete with such a wickedly awesome name. It tells the consumer what this is, but in a very poetic and not-super-abstract fashion. This is a system n...


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I am a professional writer and web designer living in East Lansing, MI. I hail from Dearborn, MI. I listen to Modest Mouse, Joanna Newsom, The Cure, Dead Kennedys, TMBG, and Tom Waits. I primarily consume grilled cheese and green tea. My first video game memory is playing Pong, but I'm not that old, just fortunate. I've grown up with video games and they've sort of grown up with me, not really.

(not in any particular order... maybe)

Rogue Squadron 2
Castlevania SotN and AoS
Super Mario RPG, World, and 64
Perfect Dark
Metroid (Any of the 2D games)
Final Fantasy 7, 9, and Tactics
Advance Wars series
Diablo 2
World in Conflict
Time Splitters 2
Megaman X

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