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"Super Columbine Massacre RPG is retarded...."


Why yes. Nicely put. That is a very nice distillation of what that game is. It's not like you didn't just feed the flames of arbitration and madness. What in the wide world of art was I thinking? Blast!

How did I not think of something so simple? My idea of art is too retarded to be regarded as important (not to mention the fact that I used your idea of art to label it art.) Well, I answered my question damn it. How progressive of me. Retardation never occurred to me.

While one game that uses a ready-made canvas to draw on (“poorly made RPGmaker game”) is arguably not as meticulously crafted as one that was coded from bottom-to-top like the game Cave Story that is reportedly “the closest thing to art the medium has produced,” it's not the correct kind of uncomfortable to be art.

It's less gothic than sandorasbox prefers it to be. It's too realistic. Err, that couldn't be right. It doesn't contain any sense of realism. Maybe that's the point? Eh, whatever, if sandorasbox says it's too retarded even to discuss a game that contains a message too sophomoric or unsophisticated such as this, then be damned the interpretation. Be damned the thought or cares of its creator. They might as well be cave drawings.

Where can we begin? Where does art start? Well, of course, it starts with sandorasbox. Where else could the gaming public find its guidance? This sand/box entity knows art, plays video games, and is able to place words on a page in a cohesive and compelling manner. Be damned the creator they don't know. Distinct lines have been drawn. Sandorasbox is the preeminent critic/paragon of video game art. They've expressed feeling, frustration, concepts, technical mastery, or whatever through medium and I haven't, so I the more retarded for it.

Oh god, how condescending this blog has been. I feel like an asshole now. Wow. I can't believe how angry that response made me. What an unintelligent critique. No consideration. My bad.
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