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About mikeydooone of us since 3:50 AM on 04.12.2015

My name is Michael. An avid gamer since I first clasped my hands around a controller.

I'm currently in my final weeks of student life studying Journalism at South Essex College. In my third and final year I'm creating a website called Breakthrough Gaming where my interests in writing and gaming can coalesce.

The site consists of interviews and reviews mostly focusing on indie games and gaming related projects.

I've been meaning to join destructoid for ages and to dive into blogging about all sorts of weird and wonderful things that occur to me while playing games.

Another slightly more depressing reason why I want to join this community is that a lot of my friends are not the most hardcore gamers. They're not as intrigued into the indie scene as I am, so hearing other peoples thoughts and feelings on lesser known games will be great.