DeS: Fortnites prize pool for its first year will be a staggering $100 million

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10 ways to Kill with and iPod.

10 WAYS TO KILL WITH AN IPOD. 1. Connect an iPod into a wall charger while your bath tub is full. Connect the iPod, and drop it in the tub, with your friend, your girl friend, your wife, or yourself, in it. 2. Tape someone to a chair and ...


Hate messages :]

If I'm Xbox, or anything else that you can get in contact with the people you play against, I never seem to fail to receive at least one hate message. After being told I'm a faggot, I suck, I'm a nublet, I cheat, whatever, I have come to fi...


Why Digimon is a failure.

This picture can easily turn anybody from watching, buying, playing Digimon. Looks to be another case of, "Well, where not selling anymore, back to hentai?!" Case Closed.


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