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you know why i REALLY love my switch?


because nintendo has zero bs on it.

it doesn’t force me to have a stupid NHL icon for a service i don’t want yet makes me have to go into a separate menu just to access youtube like ps4.  none of that bs.

when nintendo puts out a first party game i know it’ll be good.  it may not be excellent but i know it will be worth my money, i know it won’t have lootboxes and tedious dlc and i know it will have some sort of emoticon winky face system of communication between players instead of a community of racist 13 year olds.

the U.I. doesn’t act like windows 10 running on a 1995 pc, it boots right up and lets me pick a game. no bs.

and if i want to play with a friend, the lovely thing comes with a 2nd comtroller built in.

i give nintendo money, and they give me a bs free system and games.  that’s my new #1 criteria for video games.  i don’t have time for all the added b.s. that comes with playstation lately.  

also it switches.


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