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Wrestlemania 25 Thoughts...


What the hell was that?

No Tag Match it got bumped to the preshow so Kid Rock could make 15 minutes of the show suck more than Paris Hilton in the men's locker room MEH

Money in the Bank

CM Punk wins for the 2nd year in a row when Christian should've. Of the 4 Money in the Bank Matches I've seen
This was the best lots of awesome spots Kane and Mark Henry knew their place. It was a Solid opener but really Christian should've won

Kid Rock Comes out and automatically assures that Wrestlemania 25 won't be another X7

25 Diva Battle Royale

While kid rock sucked the life out of the Reliant Stadium the Divas made their way out.

You didn't even get to see who was in the match. no introductions or anything this just sucked. the ending with "Santina" kind of saved this But this should've been preshow and the Tag Match should've been here.

Chris Jericho VS RIcky Steambost

Yeah Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka were in the match too but this was all about the legendary Ricky Steamboat who was doing things that nobody on the roster NOW can do. The Dragon showed us why he's a hall of famer and in his prime......we can only imigine the kind of match he could have with Chris Jericho. After the Match Micky Rourke punched Jericho.......MEH

Hardy VS Hardy

It was the Spotfest it needed to be. Jeff did what Jeff does best and Matt did what I guarantee CZW will rip off for years to come with more violent overtines......The Twist of Fate with Jeff's neck in the chair HO-LY SHIT. Great match.

HBK VS THE Undertaker

17-0 and they topped Savage/Steamboat What more do I need to say? GREAT match MOTY MOTD It was just......wow.

John Cena VS Edge VS Big Show

What the hell Happand to the Tag title match? Ah well This was as good a match as it was going to be. but it was anticlimactic. Cena Wins, nobody cares, On to Orton/HHH. Nice spot at the end though with Cena FUing EDGE AND SHOW at once. But NEXT

Hall of Fame Inductees get over shadowed by Austin wasting PPV time


Triple H VS Randy Orton

Trips retains and Kills Orton's heat So I can see Orton take the gold at Backlash in person. Great match and all but uh..... Why go through all that then not have Orton win the Gold? This Fued ain't ending any time soon. Also They need to get rid of that stupid fucking Spinner Belt.

All in all The Matches were great but the atmosphere sucked it just looked like a regular arena show and not a stadium show. Kid Rock killed this Wrestlemania's chances of ever being up there with III, VIII, X, XIV, X7, XX and Last years as among the best ever.

Well.....time to find out what I'll be seing in person at Backlash....

And I have a feeling it's going to suck next year. Phoenix? REALLY YEAH....... Hopefully Kurt Angle and Mick Foley will be home by then and Sting will finally realize TNA is Bush leagues and get one final time in front of a real crowd.

Maybe Vince will out and out BUY TNA between now and XXVI

On a gaming note, The Dishwaser is the Best XBLA game since Castle Crashers.

Also for all my haters.....I have a challenge for all of you to settle the fued your hatefull comments started that I'll unveil later this week.
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