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Well then Microsoft's E3 Press con......the Crowd goes Mild...until the end

HOLY SHIT Nextal Out Wii's the Wii.

So we get motion controls with the 360 now, granted this isn't new, The 360 Vision Camera did it. Sony's Eyetoy, the Mocap games. Even the DSI, However voice recognition real time scanning and such...that's new. I'm impressed.

Gamewise DISAPPOINTED. I'm not an MGS fan it's nice the 360 is getting the whole series. I can stop calling Kojima a Fanboy now...I can still call him a hack though. Raiden? Uh isn't Radien WHY MGS2 was the only XBOX installment?

Crackdown 2, MEH
Halo ODST and Reach, MEH
Splinter Cell Conviction, MEH
Modern Warfare 2, MEH
Forza 3, MEH STILL doesn't look like a Gran Turismo killer to me and that's really what it needs to be.
Left 4 Dead 2, I still don't have 1 dammit

Beatles Rock Band, Nice choices on the setlist They included I am the Walrus. Hopefully While my guitar gently weeps makes the game. Omitting that song from the game is almost as unforgivable as no Mai in KOF XII.

Facebook on XBOX live to me was HUGE news mostly because I fuckin live on Facebook. I'm pumped about that. Granted Wii and PS3 have Facebook already which brings me to my next complaint...

I'm disappointed that we STILL do no have a web browser for the 360 EVERY other console even the Wii and DS have one so why aren't the Maker's of IE putting one on 360?

Oh right......I'll crash too much and infest the 360 with more viruses than Firefox would...

The Next step for the 360 needs to be web browsing they NEED to do that now. the 360 is as of now (We'll see tomorrow) the most feature packed system on the market so it remains to be seen what Nintendo and Sony have up their sleeves.

So a new addon that out wii's the wii and Facebook connectivity are the big ones which again......the other consoles and handhelds are Already facebook ready....Myspace too and GULP even Friendster....remember Friendster?
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