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Time for more musings

I WAS going to wait until tomorrow but I have gaming stuff on my mind.

LOL Fanboys

The other day I was talking to somebody, a PS3 fanboy. Who has firther proven that PS3 fanboys are complete idiots. He made the following statements

- The 360 is dead becuase HD DVD Failed and everything looks better on PS3.

- Fighting games are Dead (went LALALALALALALA when I told him all the awesome coming out this year)

- RPGs are Dead (also went LALALALALA when I told him how awesome Lost Oddessy was before finding he was a Stupid PS3 fanboy)

- he also covered his e-ears and went LALALALALALALALA when I pointed out just HOW MUCH the 360 is out selling the PS3 before he countered with the PS2 sells more than the 360....OF COURSE IT DOES/HAS it's 9 YEARS OLD

God I hate PS3 Fanboys. Not that fanboys of other consoles aren't annoying even the ones of my preferred console the 360.

Anyone notice how the Nintendo fannies have been REALLY quiet lately?

How is the DSI doing sales wise anyway? Last I heard ok but it's not setting the world ablaze.

I really don't have a Problem with the PS3. I don't like PSN but the PS3 has some nice exclusives and if LBP wasn't getting a PSP installment I'd be strongly considering a PS3 down the road.

Mega Man needs a face lift

If you haven't checked him out or don't know about there's this funny guy from Canada doing Mega Man run trhoughs he inspired my ill fated Mega Man 9 run


Inspired I popped the Anni collection into my 360 and proceeded to learn I've lost my Mega Man Mojo. (Playing through 3 with out dying is not something I can do anymore) So I'm watching his run through of Mega Man 5
He makes the game look SOOOOOOOO easy. (it's not at least for me it isn't) Anywho, I got to thinking, For 10 capcom should really change him up. I loved the retro refit to 9 but something about 9 feels lacking, the music is great but the stage layout is pretty poor. TOO MANY SPIKES. and the Step back to making it play like 1 and 2 with No slide didn't help. The Endless stage is probably better than the whole fuckin regular game. In retrospect while 9 is definatly an installment I hold in Higher reguard than 4-6 it's not one I do by much.

So what can we do to Mega Man the OG series that hasn't been done? How come when you beat a robot master you only get 1 of his attacks? How about we......CHARGE for the 2nd attack? Hmm? Maybe the ability to dash as well as slide? Toss a few elements from X in maybe? Fans want that. I know Capcom has been all about the fans lately. The thing is with a game like Mega Man it's been so long and SO MUCH has been done in other games it's hard to innovate. Inafune and Co (or the FANS) had best come up with some unique weapons next go around like how about one that functions like the rewind in Braid? (Betamax Man) Or one that allows you to control the enemies around you. Cool stuff like that. Also.....I love 8 bit as much as any retro gamer but HD Mega man PLZ? You can have the same great gameplay just at a much higher resolution.
It's my main beef with 9. Mega deserves better than that.


I saw Wolverine Origins last week. As an action film fan I Loved it. As a Wolverine fan.....it left something to be desired. They didn't explain why He goes by Logan (which if you've read Origins is PRETTY IMPORTANT) Stryker has nothing to do with Weapon X in the comics. Sabretooth May or may not actually be Wolverine's brother (then again he's dead no so.....W/E) Back when the first Xmen movies hit I was against Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but having seen Origins.....I'm a fan for life.

Movie may both be win and FAIL but the Game......OH FUCK YEAH Best movie game EVER it's one I gotta pick up. The Demo impressed me like no other demo has before or since. So keep an eye out.

Tekken 6

I was skeptical Tekken has been MEH for awhile after the fanboy wining caused Tekken 4 awesome features to be dropped from 5 I had my doubts 6 would be any good, the Cast didn't impress me either. 2 Lesbians, A matador, a generic Fatass, Hauzer only blue as the boss then BR added a robo girl and a homosexual. NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL...

But they actually for the first time since Tekken 4 changed up the gameplay. FINALLY Everyone has new frames, New moves, even lost some moves NIIIIIICE. I should be pissed they changed Nina (she's 2nd only to Mai on my Game characters I want to fuck list) But I welcome the change, Too easy when she hasn't changed at all since Tekken 2. What else Multi Teired stages.....TAKE THAT ITAGAKI YOU JOBLESS HACK
The Rage system seems interesting, and Yoshimitsu has changed too


I'm sold I haven't preordered yet because I'm hoping for some kind of limited edition package. I missed out on the one for Soul Calibur IV but Tekken 6.....I won't.

had Tekken 6 not been annouced as multi platform I'd probably be considering a PS3 right now.

Alrighty that's it for me

Anyone else catch the House Finale last night?

WOAH........Awesome shit right there.

I know why Kutner killed himself....he realized he was in Epic Movie.
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