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THE RETURN OF THE MACK- Gaming musings

Back with a new Format, we'll see how long this lasts.

Retro remakes

While I was gone, DAYM VOOT hit XBLA, and Space Invaders Extreme AND Akinoid hit as well. Thats some damn tasty gamage. I also find out that a new Platformer is hitting XBLA YES!....But more on Platformers later.
Retro Game Challenge on DS is a great idea. I wish more companies went that route I'm all for the Old School but repackaging a 20+ year old game every few years so it's on a new console.. EH Give us something new every now and then. Fez I think that's GREAT it's a new game that has the qualities of the Old Cave Story too. I'm down with a new Space Invaders or Akinoid, Mega man 10 8 bit style but I really want new games done in the old retro style that aren't sequels. There really needs to be more of that.

The fuck happend to platformers

It's been so long since a good console platformer that gamers are starting to forget what Platformers are all together, some Einsitens at Hardcore gaming 101 are scraping and calling Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge platformers.......UH NO. The PS3 and we all KNOW I HATE THAT WASTE OF ELECTRICITY at least has LBP and Ratchet and Clank. But now if we want our platformer fix we need a PSP or DS XBLA has a great looking old school platformer on it's way called Splosion Man here's a look

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But this genre seems to be limited to downloads and portables.......where's the lush hardware taking advantage of platformer? Our console GPUs are too busy rendering a dystpoian under water city or post apocalyptic DC rather than Lush surreal worlds that a platformer could have.

Remember Plok? On the SNES? I'd LOVE to see a game like done in 3d...

I miss the Platformer

More of SNK's shit

I am going on record now that IF King of Fighters XII Ships without Mai....I am boycotting. So far there's no annoucement she's in the game instead we get 2 Fan UNFAVORITES in the Console KOF XI.... If SNK doesn't care what the fans want then why should we support them? Do they realize the figurine sales they're missing out on by not including Jenet and Mai?

and WHAT THE FUCK I love Shmups and all..but unless KOF Skystage is EXACTLY like Twinkle star sprites it's not going to sell.

Does SNK think Money is Toilet paper or something?

Hey at least Arksys still loves us giving us some awesome extras with the first run of BlazBlue. But Ya know something......Blazblue really needs more hot bitches.

Alrighty I'll be back in a few days with more musings.

So what do you think? Should I stick to this format?
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