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Ninjas have invaded my Blog are you a bad enough dude to read them?

I missed a few Ninja games in my previous post. I DO however think Black Manta sucked.

Anywho moving on.

Ninja Warriors and Ninja Warriors Again

Why this wasn't on a Taito collection is far beyond me. The Originial is an arcade classic and the SNES version just took it to a whole new level of awesome and you know, the only thing more awesome than Ninjas.......are Cyborg Ninjas.

Ninja Five-O

It's like shinobi..it sounds like shinobi....but it's not shinobi. and I also NEED THIS GAME. That and the RCR and Double Dragons on GBA too....hell there are alot of GBA games I need. But anyways. This is a great game and I haven't spent alot of time with this one but It just it has IT and that's always a good thing.

Shin's revenge

Proof the Wiimote Idea is an old one. This unsung classic used the SNES mouse to do your Ninjing. and Just listen to that music.......12 kinds of awesome.

Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja

A game does not have to have you starring a Ninja to be awesome. This game created the concept of Ninjas being weak underlings. This would be a Bleh beat em up if it wasn't for its legendary intro and campy everything.

Legend of Kage

The Legend of Kage is way ahead of it's time. So much action that the techonogly of the time could only barely present it but Taito squeezed out an amazing game out of what they had. For one of the best early Ninja games. The NES version is pretty amazing too. Theere is a PSP remake and an awesome look DS

Revenge of Shinobi

Because I just had to..or I'd have to revoke my license to play Ninja games. That and Yuzo's sound track is godly.
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