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King of Fighters Orochi- US Version VS Japanese Version

Normally Japan to US games are usually clear cut the same. Most SNK collections were just the Japanese ones with online removed.

KOF Orochi Changes this and while it might seem for the better You'd be surprised.

The Japanese Version was released almost 2 years ago I think maybe. It contained KOF 95-97.


- Arrange soundtracks
-arcade perfect emulation
-mutli lingual just like the MVS carts
-Color Edit
-Adjustable difficulty
-Thick Detailed manual in full color


-On line probably doesn't work in the US
-No Extras besides the Arrange soundtracks
- No 94 or 98


-US$ 24.90 at Play Asia

The Japanese Version has a lot going for it. Even the How to Play Screens from the MVS and AES are there in fact sans limited credits these are perfect emulations of SNK's classic saga.

The US version was released a few months ago and On PAPER it seems to be improved in execution not so much.

-Includes 94 and 98 which were missing from the Japanese Version
-A new Challenge mode (mostly in 98) keeps you coming back for more
-New Menus
-$10 new on Amazon

-Unnecessary Load times
-Missing how to play screens
-No option to play the arrange songs in game though they are on the disc
-No Color edit
-Iffy resposne times
-No reason KOF 94 Rebout and a port of the Dreamcast version of 98 couldn't be included.
-No Language options
-Ports, not emulations
-Cheap 4 page manual in black and white

There is NO excuse for this. 94 on Classic collection didn't suffer from load times and they are LONG load times the Japanese collection didn't suffer from load times......yet this does. This just sucks It's only $10 on amazon and the challenge mode is fun but they can be completed in an hour even if you're a KOF noob.

If you have the means get the Japanese version. If not the US version is competent but Nothing mindblowing.
The arrange soundstracks REALLY help the games out a great deal and it sucks you can't
use them in game on the US version
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