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Clockwork Theft Auto- Ever wonder what was blamed for Society's problems BEFORE Video games?


The following is a List of everything blamed on Society's problems before Video Games.

- Alcohol
- Comic books
- Movies
-A Clockwork Orange (movie not book)

A Clockwork Orange was the Grand Theft Auto of it's day. Granted I can't imigine a Car jacking set to the old Ludwig Van actually I can... quite beautiful that would be it would. But none the less shortly after the movie's release in the Uk Tons of Violent crimes were blamed on the movie. To the point Stanley Kubrick was fearing for his life In response he pulled the movie from UK theaters and to this day I don't believe it's been shown there again.

and Malcom McDowel would later go on to voice John Henry Eden in Fallout 3

-Rock Music
-Rap Music
-The Jews
-the Chinese

AGAIN not being racist here

-Hemp plants
-Swearing on TV
-The Simpsons

Father of our Halfwit last president once said " We all need to be more like the Waltons and Less like the Simpsons": -George HW Bush

Idicoy runs in that family I guess.

-Cassette tapes
- Freemasons
-The Illuminati

In spite of the fact they don't exist and people with Paranoid Personality Disorder STILL Blame them for everything

-Free thought
-Teen Pregnancy
-Long hair on men
-Jeans on Grils
- short shorts
- Nipples
- Elvis
- The Beatles
- Madonna
- Marilyn Manson

Yes he came about after video games but before research was done to prove video games make up violent freaks Manson was blamed for everything when the worst thing he does is get his dick sucked by Jeordie White (AKA Twiggy) on stage

That's all I can think off the top of my head.

Can any one else add to the list?
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