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Another Day of E3 Begins so...

You know what sucks? Having to hack into your own computer because the other people who use it don't want you on it. I'm typing this in safe mode with networking, While I very well could delete the password keeping me from full featured everything I'm just biding my time until I get a sweet Asus Laptop I found at Best Buy.

So I think it's safe to say E3 started out on a MEH note. EA showed off some cool games and announced MMA which is sure to be very interesting. Ubisoft had James Cameron spoil avatar for everyone. which I didn't watch because Raw was on. (Taped it) Red Steel 2 is now trying to be Rising Zan and no Beyond Good and Evil 2 made for a boring several hours, some of which I was watching Raw (which was MEH last night too save for the Flair/Orton fight) When are we going to see another Rayman game anyway? I'd LOVE to see a lush colorful nextgen Rayman. Those rabbids need to die in a fire.

Microsoft showed off Natal (which I mistakenly called Nextal) and new features for the 360 which excited me more than the games. (If you MEH me being excited about Facebook on 360 then you don't know me at all. If I could be on Facebook 24/7 I would be.) Last FM is great but...can we listen to that in game? I like the Sky deal for the Uk but will we get something like this for the US?

I wish Bungie would stop making Halo games. Halo is getting really old, ODST looks awesome but Reach...I don't know it's over kill. The thing is can Microsoft get something people will drool over as much as Halo? Gears of War doesn't out sell Halo so that's not it. I think after Halo Reach Bungie should work on a game that isn't Halo and show everyone they aren't one trick ponys. Even that fanboy hack Kojima takes a break from Metal Gear every now and then (Speaking of which I will remove hack before his name is Snatcher and Policenaughts are ported to XBLA and PSN)

Epic's XBLA game looks pretty sweet too. I forget it's name but as a fan of old school I appreciate Epic making this as it shows they love the old school and aren't afraid to make something besides an FPS every now and then.

Based on yesterday's events I have preorders for Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed II placed at Amazon. I need to see more of how Splinter Cell Conviction plays before I'm totally sold on it.

I gotta take a shower I'll be back later to post my (Probably Bias) thoughts on Nintendo and Sony's Press events.
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