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Bound: a Free 2.5d platformer

Hey guys. Hope this isn't too spammy a post! This is a screenshot from my first Unity game, Bound. It is a 2.5d exploration platformer with a silhouette art style, developed over 16 weeks as my final student project. It's my first large U...


Audio Hero

Perhaps this idea has already been done in some form and if so I apologise, but I have been wondering: Why has no one crated a hybrid of Guitar Hero and IGF 2008 Award winner AudioSurf You are all no doubt familiar with the mechanics of G...


PS2 Games to Consider L-Z

Good morning all. Its time for the second and final part of my list detailing a selection of PS2 games, in the hope that you might find something you'd like to play. The first part can be found here:


PS2- Games to consider A-K

AREA 51 A fairly impressive FPS combining solid mechanics with impressive visuals. The storyline is rather poo though, and the voice acting is worse! Of the systems relatively small number of FPSs though, this is definitely one of the bet...


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