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A Call for More Seasonal Games!


Months ago, when I first heard of Double Fine Productions’ Costume Quest, I kind of overlooked it. I don’t know why; it’s something I tend to do from time to hear about an amazing game but completely blow it off, only to randomly get hyped up months later. A few weeks ago, I saw an ad for it on the Xbox 360 dashboard and decided to look into it fo' realsies this time. Once I found out that the game was basically about being a kid on Halloween, I was instantly entranced.

I love Halloween. I loved it as a kid, and somehow, as an adult, I love it more since I’ve gained the ability to construct incredible costumes and show them off in the Halloween mecca of Salem, Massachusetts every year. But Halloween is something that’s never really been featured in any videogames (at least any that I can think of). Which, of course, led me down a wild path that led me to we need more seasonal videogames.

What do I mean by seasonal videogames? I mean games that are meant to be played at a certain time of year, to get you in the mood for a holiday or a season. Movies are one thing that certainly have it. Halloween h
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