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The new Zapper might actually be awesome! UPDATE

Another good looking co-op zapper game (w/ 4 player support!) for the Wii, Ghost Squad: http://tinyurl.com/yvabds Gun games in your home might actually live up to the arcades for the first time ever! Other games are RE: Umbrella Chronicl...


About metromapperone of us since 8:04 AM on 03.16.2007

What Be I Playing Now, Matie?

Left 4 Dead 2 - can't beat the multiplayer
Halo 3 - still playing at LAN parties
New Super Mario Bros Wii - multiplayer FTW

Gaming History

I've been a gamin' since le Vic 20, steadily working my way in time-consuming obsessive style through many gaming systems (Atari 2600, Apple IIe, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Commodore 64, NES, Sega MS, Amiga 500) until I went to college. At that time consoles dropped off the scene and I became a PC gamer with Civilization, Doom, and X-wing, all running at a blazing 16mHz.

Then there was my arcade and pinball games only period through the rest of college, and then... my gaming dark ages. I did narry a thing with video games for the next 9 years while I traveled and lived around the world (Australia, England, Paris, Edinburgh, San Fran, Lexington, Louisville).

When Y2K didn't kill me, I re-evaluated and re-lived my previous gaming progression, buying all the now 'retro' consoles in the order of their release, and then discovering for the first time the likes of the SNES, N64, Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube.

Got into PC gaming again with Aliens V Predator 2, and while I don't mind spending $2K on a PC rig, I somehow have a mental block on spending more than $2C on a console, so that lead me to be a Nintendo fanboy of sorts - the cheapest of each generation.

Got a Cube for Rogue Squadron. Then a DS. Later pre-ordered my Wii asap after the first E3 unveiling announcement.

(Some) Favorite Games Eva
Alright, this is nigh impossible, so here's a random sampling of some 1337 games.

- Maze Craze
- Bruce Lee
- Discs of Tron
- Legacy of the Ancients
- Bard's Tale
- Zelda
- Ikari Warriors
- Contra
- Lifeforce
- Zak McKraken
- Blood Money
- RBI Baseball
- NBA Jam TE
- Aliens vs. Predator 2
- Half-Life 2
- Battlefield 2
- Rogue Squadrons 2 and 3
- Metroid Prime
- Zelda: Windwaker
- Metroid Prime 3


My brother Geoff and I have played games together since forever, and still do, and he's Gabe to my Tycho, preferring to blow stuff up, shun the PC cause it's complicated, and loves to pwn in teh Haloz. Although we match up in our Nintendo fandom (and Nintendo anger, too).

Now I run this mapping site: Your Mapper