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How uncle meteorscrap nearly got arrested over Zoids Assault

So a while back, I bought RenegadePanda an awesome sword. All in a day's work for a handsome, dashing, well-rounded bloke for myself. However, because I abhor tossing my credit card number around the interwebs, I'd picked up a $100 Mastercard and had some $25.32 left to my name.

I suppose I could have ordered a pizza, but I was on Amazon anyway and thought I'd buy a game. I was on a tactical RPG hitch, thinking that maybe a game in that vein would be cool. Since the good ones are things I already own and beat, since my favourite game IS a tactical RPG, I figured I'd pick up Zoids Assault for a laugh.

Now, I live in a crappy, walk up apartment where the mailboxes are small as sin. This means that anything bigger than an envelope gets held by the local post office and I get to trudge fifteen minutes to go pick up my crap, so I don't order online often. When I do, I get a little chit which says the name and address and gives me notice that I've got three days to pick the package up before it gets returned to sender.

The lady at the post office doesn't know me at all, which is a pretty big problem when a package comes for me like this:

Unrelated, but look at my cute cat sleeping by my computer! He's so cute!
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