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Fan-made Fatal Frame IV translation patch incoming


Fatal Frame IV is not leaving Japan. This displeases many people. Some feel like something needs to be done. Even fewer are actually doing something.

That something is the Fatal Frame IV translation patch.

Like with the Mother 3 English translation, a team of resourceful young minds (possibly "teens with attitude") have been working away to bring Fatal Frame IV to the West. Unlike the Mother 3 translation, this doesn't require you to NOT download a game rip from some torrent site of questionable ethics. Instead, the patch requires a legally imported copy of the game, the means to play said game on your region's Wii, and an SD card.

Many of you already have the Homebrew Channel installed for, among other things, imports, so all that is really required of you is dropping a few files onto your SD card and popping it and the game into your machine. The team states that translation will occur on the fly without any extra hassle on your part. Set it and forget it!

The best part is, if the claims are true, that the patch should be finished sometime this summer! The process is far simpler than a text-heavy RPG. Let's just pray that the Nintendo legal department is as cool with this as they were with the Mother 3 translation.
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