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Going to comment 'PERSONA 5 MUCH??' under everything to do with neo twewy until an angry mob murders me.


Some people are really critical of Falcom's osts, but the more examples they use from Ys IX the more unabashedly hype I am for this game and soundtrack.


In some nice news I read an article about Sakuna's relative success in Japan. Apparently people realized the rice harvesting was in depth enough that using real life department of agriculture resources actually work as a guide. article in comments!


Rented out cod for funsies on ps5 and there are too many complaints with how annoying it is to deal with. Deleted the campaign? Let me redownload that for you, also here the ps4 version. Here's another patch that will take 45 mins to install.


Sometimes piracy is used for shitty reasons, but most of my experience is that a company has not made a game properly available for years and no one knows if they ever will. Anyway Nintendo just ruined an online smash tournament for petty reasons.


Watch dogs legion already half off at best buy right now if you become a member(it's free). Damn ubisoft loves to release games right around now and race to the bottom for black friday.


Just turned on fidelity mode in miles morales and hope people mess with the options and try out performance, cause ray tracing is not worth it at all. lol


Hmm tried to disable autoupdates but it seems like last guardian is autoupdating as soon as it copies to disc. Haven't tried disconnecting to the internet. Gonna play spiderman and hope they actually patch it. Still looks great at 30 compared to before!


Just hit credits in Astro right at midnight. Absolutely don't skip this. Pure fun and doesn't overstay itself.


Quick question, has there been an ethernet port hange I didn't know about? Feel like I'm forcing the cable into the ps5 and don't want to damage.


I got Tsushima for $25 and now I can pretend it's a ps5 launch title.


The answer to the western market isn't always western games.


UPDATE: It seems as of right now you need a physical disc and to not patch the game for last guardian to be 60 fps. The patch locked the game to 30 fps so ironically limits the ps5. Maybe they'll update it and it won't matter.


Has any console games offered anything over 60fps, or was that never possible/viable? Not sure I've ever played anything at 120 fps, but am excited to with some ps5 games.


Tokyo ghoul op can be heard softly in the white house today.


A lot of people who looked up tips and guides online for every souls game are getting ready to write sneering comments about anyone who'd use this feature.


Me and my fiance finished dorohedoro already for October so we watched the first two episodes of Mononoke for creepy vibes. Crazy that it's such a goodlooking show that seems to have no HD option. Also did a quick first episode of Eureka seven!


They sponsored a video where they dunk on the cold steel series for five minutes with some real VAs. Pretty fun marketing since all trails fans are in it for life at this point. (There's a trailer for 4 at the end for those avoiding everything on it)


Hot take: bravely default 2 feels like it's trying to really appeal to old school lifelong fans of the genre. And as the exact demographic of that, it doesn't interest me much. lol


With 3 open world ubisoft titles within about the span of an already busy month I'm kinda wondering if one or two is gonna crash and burn.


This was only in the Jp direct. I heard the art was done by the guy who does One Punch Man. Can't tell what the gameplay is but it's interesting for now!


That's 13 sentinels platinumed! This and ff7 remake are the two games of the year in my mind. Great story, great characters, and I happen to actually love the combat. If you enjoy games like persona or Nier and maybe front mission I definitely reccomend.


Anyways it's pretty cool lto see the positive reception of astro's and the ps5 controller. If you don't want to see gameplay it seems like giantbomb really dig the new controller and gimmicks.


Whaaaat. I'm not touching this game this year lol. They can force this game out I'll look into it in six months.


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