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Bloostained for switch ahowed up today right as I had to run to work. Anybody else have it and know how it runs? If not I'll try to give basic impressions tonight or tomorrow.


Did a lot o anine catching up realy quick. AoT fonally caught up to where I last read and it feels so gooood. Too bad its taken so long to get here that I'm sure a decent chunk of people are no longer watching.


Im not upset by it but it is a weird feleing to be like 'hey, guys, hope you're enjoying Bloodstained! I would but I helped fund the creation of the game so I dont have it yet!'


14 hours into cold steel 2 and have 14 party members. Ive also gained about 35 levels in that time. This game progression feels fassst!


Walk two blocks down to get some food and someone threatened to stab me for no discernible reason. Society sure is chaos.


When cadence of hyrule was announced the devs xame out and said it wad procedural and not a set adventure, but so far it totally isnt? Weird cause that deflated my hype a lil bit, but its actually exactly what i wanted.


Mana collection and Trials of Mana that looks good is the biggest surprise of e3.


Ff7 was the highlight with some small things i might play like Oninaki. Im sure I'll play it, but Avengers didnt sell me.


My gf thought i was telling her about a game called 'Do Maternal'


September 24th cold steel 3 comes out!!! (My copy of 2 didnt arrive in the mail yet lol)


HOLY SHIT BETHESDA WON E3, They have npcs in an rpg! Im gonna lose my SHIT.


Tales of arise looks like it might be what I asked for tears ago. Big technical leap, zero fight transitions, and MAYBE less prty members active in the fight.


Know they were helping with wolfenstein but itd be cool to see what Arkane's doing next since im going through dishonored 2 now. Also Tango since Evil Within 2 was great. (And I didnt like 1)


Xseed shot themselves in the foot and removed Brittany Avery from the credits of the rereleases of the trails of cold steel games. For those who dont know pretty much everyone who likes Trails knows and loves her work localizing the series.


Could get all like 'DAMN SPOILERS' but the bandai leaks just make me excited. I got a ten hour shift tomorrow and am gonna be broed on twitter so like...not too many more leaks. But maybe 1..


Gamer admission: I rented final fantasy chronicles thinking it was a new final fantasy and realized it was ff4(already played) and some game called chrono trigger which 'WASNT EVEN FINAL FANTASY' Years later I corrected my mistake and played it.


Loved dishonored, but was strongly frustrated with the dlc and didnt get far. Knocked one dude out in dishonored 2 and im hype for the series again.


Sorry LIBERALS, you've actually been appropriating GAMER CULTURE.


I liked all of Dishonored 1, but the dlc for whatever reason is not going well for me. It feels like the rules changed to make it harder when I was fine just how it was before. Literally put it on easy mode and it makes no difference.


Love to order from grubhub receive a message from grubhub telling me they cant deliver it, then them tell me it was delivered, sorry no refunds.


I think people are going to like Granblue versus. You got simplified moves on r1 if you have trouble pulling them off under pressure, or pull off the traditional command with more options/less cooldown. Mostly used Ferry!


Ys IX babyy. Looks like instead of a party you switch out who you play. Lot of movement abilities too so dope. Also, Im in that Granblue beta tomorrow ayyy


Randy Pitchford out up a video of a cat getting hurt and then wrote this. Typical CEO business stuff.


Getting back into XIV after a long time witha friend. Never got to Heavensward cause of the grind between main quests but a friend introduced me to palace of the dead which I wish I knew of sooner. Paladin is main for now.


The FLCL sequels are out on Hulu and Crunchyroll to stream. I watched progressive and it was alright, never did get to alternative but heard it was better.


Finished dishonored and going to do the dlc. Read there was some technical problems for 2 on release, and heard ps4 pro fixes it, or makes it even worse. Anybody know what to expect? Also who should i play 2 as first?


Its a popular time for birthdays cause its mine too! Found out my fellow closer has the same exact birthday and requested off way in advance so im at work like:


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