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Almost done the og Gundam trilogy. Want to keep it to UC stuff for now so either the side stories or Zeta next. Any somewhat recent Gundam games to check out over others?


Dipping my toes into Gundam with The Origin on Crunchyroll. Almost done and its pretty good, but I'm ready to see an actual Gundam in action! Probably do the movie trilogy afterwards? Yell at me for what to watch after.


Indivisible coming out in october for all platforms except switch which is still supposed to be 2019. As long as its good and runs well when it does I'll be happy.


My question 3 houses is does the game expect yiu to eventually play all three houses or is there some sort of true end route? Or once you hut the credits of one house youmore or less feel like youve completed it. The sudden choice is giving me anxiety lol


If theyre going to do a FF tactics game only for mobile, could they rerelease the original with a turbo mode.Original always felt real slow so thatd help me get into it.


Hearing the doom switch ports require a constant internet connection to run. Throw em in the garbage.


Haven't played too much Fire Emblem, how do we feel about permadeath mode? I feel like there aren't that many characters per house, can you get generic soldiers or something? Do people actually roll with it when deaths occur?


Kyoto animations was attacked. News still coming out, but people died, some details seemed particularly horrifying.


If I buy shadowbringers standard edition do i get stormblood too or is that just the deluxe? How bout that experience boosting earring?


Cold steel 3 delayed to a month to October 22nd. Im seeing that thats the release for another NIS rpg, Destiny connect, unless thats placeholder. Either way I needed more time to beat the crossbell trails games!


Hearing that Walmart diesnt actually price physcial ganes at $60 anymore. Dragon quest builders 2 and pretty much any first party seitch games are $50 nowadays. Havent gone to check my own store, but thought it might be helpful!


Watching Dr Stone, Fire Force, and Vinland Saga as far as anime this season. Cop Craft looks like it could he cool, too. Anybody else watching anything?


Watching Dr Stone, Fire Force, and Vinland Saga as far as anime this season. Cop Craft looks like it could he cool, too. Anybody else watching anything?


Watching Dr Stone, Fire Force, and Vinland Saga as far as anime this season. Cop Craft looks like it could he cool, too. Anybody else watching anything?


Heres my gamefly queu for the rest of the year.(subject to change) 1.Fire Emblem 2.Control 3.Astral Chain 4.Ai The somnium Files. 5. Links Awakening 6.Trails of Cold Steel III 7.The outer worlds. 8. Destiny Connect. 9.Death stranding. 10.Doom Eternal


Swit h lite would be cool id you could easily transfergames and saves back and firth from it and yiur main switch but I dont thin kthats the case.


Sea of Solutude, an i die game funded by EA, came out today. I avsolutely hadnt heard a thing about it since e3 2018 so wow that came outta nowhere.


Yokai Watch 4 is confirmed coming west. No release window or anything though.


This ff14 paladin hasnt logged on since the 5.0 update and has no idea how to play hos class now! Im lvl 52. Mostly worried how to gain aggro now that i dont have flash?


Everytime this song starts up I feel like I'm playing policenauts. Which for an rpg where you're a cop is perfect.


I've finished cold steel 2 and immediately watched the trailers for 3, and yeah that looks hype. Everyone pray for me as I try to make the english fan patch of the crossbell games run on my old computer!


I swear cold steel 2 was over like 5 hours ago but now its dropped a final dungeon and gave me even more last minute party members with cool abilities.


Have a bunch of games to play anyway so I'll jsut put off bloodstained for now and mayne some patches will come through. All the trails games are on sale on Steam so if you have an interest in jrpgs I suggest checking them out!


Bloostained for switch ahowed up today right as I had to run to work. Anybody else have it and know how it runs? If not I'll try to give basic impressions tonight or tomorrow.


Did a lot o anine catching up realy quick. AoT fonally caught up to where I last read and it feels so gooood. Too bad its taken so long to get here that I'm sure a decent chunk of people are no longer watching.


Im not upset by it but it is a weird feleing to be like 'hey, guys, hope you're enjoying Bloodstained! I would but I helped fund the creation of the game so I dont have it yet!'


14 hours into cold steel 2 and have 14 party members. Ive also gained about 35 levels in that time. This game progression feels fassst!


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