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Picked up Suikoden 3, front mission 3, the silver case, smt digital devil saga, and smt strange journey. Backlog expanding but im hoping to play through some before april when 2020 really starts for me!


There's been some good sales on ps classic games for ps3. If the dream is real and ps5 is BC and carries over these could be good gets. I saw suikoden series and front mission 3 for a couple bucks each.


Atelier Ryza really wants you to walk back and forth for no reason a lot and its really ruining the flow for me. Also the town fast travel is really unhelpful. I just want to craft and spelunk.


Havent played dead cells since well before the dlc dropped, seems like the timer doors are in between levels now? Glad about that. Got the first boss cell too. Should i go straught ti hard mode or just keep getting cells? Any other tips at this point?


VALENTINES DAY IS A SHAM OF A HOLIDAY INVENTED BY GREETING CARD COMPANIES TO SELL CHEAP- oh wait I'm engaged now. Yeah valentines day is whatever. Just make the card yourself if you hate hallmark!


How are the 3ds SMT games? I played 4 to the end and never followed through. Whats apocalypse, strange journey, and soul hackers like? Also slightly thinking about getting my ps3 back for DDS. Always looked good.




Just finished the Dorohedoro manga and its a fun whacky dark adventure! Anime will show up on Netflix sometime this year so give it a look when it comes out.


Was wonderful 101 60fps on wiiu? Never played but I just backed it and am wondering if Ps4 would be better in that regard or just do switch.


I see people asking why Platinum would need a kickstarter for W101 when they just got a huge investment from tencent. But I imagine that when tencent gave them the money there were certain guidelines like 'make money off of this'


It looks like Detention, a taiwanese indie horror game, got a pretty cool looking live action adaptation.


I think with this new ff7 trailer we are officially in the 'trailers that show too much' part of the hype cycle.


The only thing I can really talk about with Outer Wilds without spoiling is how neat it's space travel is. The game doesn't really demand perfection but it's interesting to match velocitys so that you and a planet are 'still' while moving at high speed.


Every so often i get a random verification code from sony. Do I gotta change my password or am I still safe?


I felt like I barely had anything to play til April, but now I have Outer Worlds, Atelier Ryza, Tokyo Mirage sessions, Link Between Worlds, Chaos; Head shipped, and Outer wilds downloading. I hope I finish one or two of these by April.


New monster hunter phone game. Looks like a continuation of that 3ds stories' style, which I like but didnt care for the combat.


The steins gate peoples new VN looks good. Thinking about grabbing chaos;child or something since this isn't gonna be in English soon.


Hot Take: I agree that there's too much water in Ruby and Sapphire.


Built my tiny first Gundam, minus the one hand that just won't go on.(prolly super glue it) Already odered high grade Barbatos and Turn A Gundams to try next. Maybe try to do go further and do panel lining and painting. Good luck to me.


Ive been hearing people talk more about 3ds and switch emulation. If I coudl olay 3ds games without the handcramp and bad resolution I'd be really down for that.


Found a convenient way to read manga for bus rides and whatnot. Any really good or msut read stuff to add to the list? Ill write some of the stuff ive got Q'd up


So 'Trails of the Beginning' the newly announced title in the series has 3 separate protagonists. Seems you choose what order to play them in with over 50 party members total. Mini episodes where you go into a characters backstory too. (like trails 3)


Falcom announced theyre doing either a port or remake of the trails' crossbell games, and showed a couple images of the new entry which from what I hear translates to 'trails from the beginning'. All 2020 in Japan.


Knives Out was great. Didnt even see a trailer and had a good murder mystery time.


I just want 'Goddamn Superhero'. Don't need the no more heroes bit.


Started from the beginning and all I have left is king of cards for shovel knight. That said fallen order and outer worlds showed up. What to playy.


Yesterday I restarted and finally finished Shovel Knight, and now I'm about halfway through plague knights'. Notbsure ifbI'll beat all campaigns in such a quick burst but it's definitely fun still. Definitely interested in how the last two play.


Axiom verge doesnt look like a nauseating gross nightmare anymore hooray!


RE3 trailer triggered my memory of a capcom game I thought I imagined. Under the skin, your a little aliem who causes mischief and disguises themselves. And one stage is just raccoon city, Nemesis and all.


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