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One of Dragon quest XI's weaker points (for me) is its music. Its always trying to be bombastic and a but too simple. Meanwhile on ps2 we got this like damn.


two days before Cold Steel 3 ships I've beaten all 7 trails games including the fan translated ones! probably spent around 50-60 hours on each one, so that's a lot of jrpg'ing.


Western pc centric RPGs arent my normal comfort zone, but Disco Elysium looks intriguing like how Divinity is for me. And it looks like I wont get my ass kicked by the combat in this one!


I watched El camino and I cant believe walt jr killed al lthose people like that.


'Turn based games are easy and you just mash attack' 'Why do I have to grind like crazy to beat this boss.' Maybe you shouldn't mash attack. :/


Iforgot I switched back to ps4 when it sounded like Switch would get delayed. Kickstarter success!


I have pretty limited expereince with this side of christianity and its pretty nutty. ALSO JA RULE.


Ok, so I really liked Mario and Luigi Superstar saga back in the day but didnt touch any of the others. Theres more than I expected. Were they all good or were there some stand out ones?


Listening to ys 8 music and realized I could look up ys 9 music now.


Persona 5 royal doesnt inclide any lf the previous dlc, but adds more on. Cool.


Got to the 7th dungeon of links awakening and thinking 'fuck it, I beat this when I was 7 I dont have to do it again.' And send it back to Gamefly lol.


I feel like no fighting games ever properly explained charge characters so they were just wasted characters on me.


Think I'm banned from disqus or destructoid. Or its a glitch. Dunno!


Director of bayo 2 tweeted out this art for 'an origonal project'. He no longer works at platinum games so it might be something that never came together he had to share.


Having more trouble getting the second jp only trails game to run but its the 7th one ive played this year and next month the 8th one will be here and I'll have conquered this damn goal I thought id have burned out but im pretty pumped!


I watched the Death Stranding presentation because ahh whatever. Game looks good but there are going to be plenty of people who aren't going to like it. Seems like online will be a huge part of it, for those who dont want that beware.


The trails of cold steel 3 demo should be out in all regions today. Carries over to the full game.


Ni no Kuni is great, but I heard the Switch port is terrible! Avoid for now!


Control has started to get on my nerves. Dont like the upgrade system, you can go from full health to dead in an instant, checkpoints suck, and the david lynch stuff in the beginning disappeared. Fridge boss looks cool but ive fallen to my death 5 times.


When you've got one episode left and a lot of loose ends.


Guilty gear at tgs was almost a disaster til they pulled out some new footage at the last second.


Turns out control is 23rd on NPDs in a really slow sales month. Hopefully they'll he alright. I played an hour and im really into it so far.


Ai the somnium files getting positive reviews so far! Feel like this game might get slept on since its a new ip in September, but apparently zero escape fans should feel at home.


Huge amount of footage of Death stranding will drop soon but Kojima seems like hes only doing it because so many people want to know exactly what theyre getting before playing. I get that its a product were paying for, but mgsv gave way too much away.


Not sure if the Celeste story dlc will be hard like the main campaign or like OMEGA HARD FOR THE CELESTE EXPERTS ONLY. Also, Astral chain is the best.


Got the post 'hype game announcements' thing where the only things I want to play are the thins not out yet. Gonna try and power through it and finally get back to trails of zero! Oh also I beat three houses.


Whose making Deadly Premonition 2? Is it Swery?? If so thats awesome. Town coming out before pokemon is surorising, and never owned a wii or wii u so xeno 1 and tms are welcome.


Ikumi Nakamura, who was one if the highlight moments if Bethesda's e3, is leaving Tango Gameworks. No idea if this means anything for her game, Ghostwire.


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