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I'm going to do something crazy and try to work in the video game industry. I'm not in or connected to this industry at all apart from loving games my whole life. My skills are transferable to a few roles but I'm not creative (hen...


About mdjelleyone of us since 5:40 AM on 09.07.2017

Do you like an unstructured mess that at least has good spelling?

This might be the place for you.

I like games.
More than I seem to like anything else.
I've never been decisive, or outspoken, games are the only thing I know and love enough to write about, so here goes.

I'll be writing sporadic, seemingly random posts about games I like, games I am playing and my new found career quest to get into the games industry.

I've been a console game player for most of my life, I've had Master System, Mega Drive, PS1, the small PS1, most versions of the PS2, XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo DS and I currently have a PS VITA and a PS4.

I'm big on the following:
Metal Gear Solid series,
Whatever Hideo Kojima is up to next,
Rocket League,
The works of Fumito Ueda,
Horizon Zero Dawn,
Everything Naughty Dog make,
Sonic the Hedgehog (when it was 2D and now Sonic Mania),
Dishonored series,

My favourite games:
Shadow of the Colossus,
Metal Gear Solid 3,
The Last of Us,
Red Dead Redemption,
Horizon Zero Dawn,
Grand Theft Auto V,
Super Mario Odyssey,
Tekken 3,
Sonic 3 and Knuckles,
Assassins Creed II,