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Freedoms End: NDAA, PIPA, and SOPA

The internet is a vast frontier and still very young industry. It has allowed us to communicate with people in ways we never thought possible. Allowing products and services to exist such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and even...


Nice Things: Banjo-Kazooie Demo Impressions

I really am getting a better hold on what the new Banjo-Kazooie game has to offer. While at first I was mad that the new game would rely on vehicle creation, I have come to embrace it as a great idea. The game will appear to garner to har...


Refrickendiculous: Video Game Website Reviews

Today out of boredom, I have decided to review gaming websites. While most of these websites do stand to provide the basic function of news+community=legitamate. There are few that stand out against the bunch. While the others do stand o...


The FEAR: The George Lucas Effect

Pictured above: Money Grubbing Whore When I first saw the "Monthly Musing" for October, I thought long and hard what possibly could scare me. With such good topics appearing such as The FEAR: Ravenholm and The FEAR: Addiction, I knew ...


Nice Things: Tom Clancy's End War Demo Impressions

I really wanted to add another topic I was worried about for blogging. I was first going to say that I was disapointed that they had neglected their Xbox Community with no Orange Box updates in sight. However, I found today that they are ...


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