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Wars Games - "The Military and the Media"

On YouTube, Al Jazeer English uploaded a piece called The military and the media, exploring the connections between the two, how they glorify war to recruit newbs. Interestingly, they saved the last piece about video games based on the conflicts we are in today (13:37):

Except, this isn't really new. The military has been doing this for years - letting elementary kids into their game booths at strip malls and after-school centers that "simulate" choppers over desert land. What you think of that I'll leave that to you. Personally, I'd want to hop into a AH-1Z Viper and blow stuff up after a day of learning math I'll never want to use or that Columbus discovered America... but not really.


And, what isn't glorified in Hollywood? From hillbillies to whatever you call the people in Jersey Shore.
What's next, glorifying gamerz?!

It wouldn't be fair to mention G4 since the only game related show now is X-Play.

Game developers are no strangers to the military, either. I have the first Medal of Honor game to thank for my piqued interest in World War II and giving me an initiative to get that A grade.

Okay, so Al Jazeer put a slight stance on a subject they're not too familiar with while undermining the majority of people who play them. Listen, I don't want to badger them. Al Jazeer normally does journalistic work that puts nearly all the American news outlets to shame on a daily basis. They're one of the very few media outlets that had the integrity to show a leaked military video of fellow journalists being gunned down by a U.S. chopper and have a civil discussion about it instead of saying "whoopsie!". You don't need a war-simulator about stuff like this, do you? Well, there was that "Holocaust board game" Anthony Burch covered that seemed to bring up a thoughtful discussion. If that's all what comes out of it, what am I here bitching about?

Not surprising.

I don't know. I'm tired and don't particularly care - just hide all the politics away and get lost in world of zombies that are crusin' for a brusin'. Yet, there is a part of me that wants to break that habit, especially when I notice I'm not the only crazy cat out there.

Yeah, so the only real news I got out of this is that Ukraine has a really bitchin' army:

Sorry if I wasted your time. Scatman John will make up for it:

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