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Etrian Odyssey/Sekaiju no Meikyuu III - Get Your Guild Ready


Whoa, underboob! That's a first in the series. In fact, there's a lot of firsts that's coming with this game.

Here's something that Sega's 7th Dragon site had that EO III's decided to have of their own; make your own guild!

Here's mine:

The BadDudes name I use is something that goes back to the original games. Unfortunately, my original posse won't be included in this installment, but they're giving you a chance to meet some of the new characters that you'll be sailing the seas with in the wallpaper section.

Oh, man, those little farmers are giving me Children of the Corn vibes! They were considerate enough to add the stats of the new classes. This all would have been helpful when I first attempted to post news about them.

Here's another new feature; if a silver tiara don't tickle your fancy, press on the Y button and get a gold one - along red eyes to give you a hellish overlord look!

Sorry for the coverage drought, but more updates are on the way! For now, if you're interested in what the Nano! Etrian Odyssey figures look like, I gave a quick impression at Tomopop here!
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